Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Review Part 1

April 3, 2012 by Chelsy  
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This is what you’ve all been waiting for guys!!! The Black Sisters HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE MOVIE REVIEW :) Sorry it took a while, we’ve been busy :S So we loved the film, despite a few things being annoying and pointless. Please tell us what you thought of it :) alwayspureblood www.theblacksisters.co.uk


25 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Review Part 1”
  1. Alexplus20 says:

    You two would make a kinky human centipede with each other?

  2. MegganiStuart says:

    HP and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was impressive! My buddy and I recently watched it released online. We located the film on watch harry potter. us (w/out the spaces)

  3. DaroneGamble says:

    The most recent Harry Potter? film is extraordinary! My dad and I just now saw it leaked online. We came across the film at watch harry potter. us (w/out the spaces)

  4. CamieVanover says:

    Most of us were definitely thrilled that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is already leaked. We each watched the entire thing on? watchharrypotter . us

  5. millydolly1 says:

    i have the time? turner 2!!!!

  6. joshramsayscat1228 says:

    Also. They skipped out the entire thing of them learning how to apostate so how do they get around in the seventh? one!

  7. joshramsayscat1228 says:

    Personally I found the movie funny and the actors were really good. But I was really disappointed with the action scenes and also they skipped out more in the movie than the? put in!

  8. dragongame2 says:

    what a fkn bullshit, your just a human if you? where a muggle or wizzard I must be a jedi knight or sith lord, yea right then I can jump all over you push your wand out of your hand and push you away, choke or electrude you and than you would be dead XD so fkn bullshit do u understand mister

  9. dragongame2 says:

    to be honest I think they are gay, but? in a lesbien horny way XD

  10. chipsandkebabs says:

    the book was probably? the best from all the books

  11. silentcomics says:

    okay, im a half-blood. my moms a muggle. im not a fan of? your username! im just as magical as you are!! haha. but good video :)

  12. MaximussDS says:

    you? are beautiful

  13. VeronicaMOnDaY says:

    you? have a time turner!!! i’m so jealous!

  14. VailaIsMe says:

    I watched it twice. :) ?

  15. Possibilia says:

    I agreed with your criticisms, and? disagreed with your praise. I think the films should just copy the style of the first two in every way. The sound track, the cinematography, the quality of acting, the camera angles, everything. I had nothing good to say about HBP. They ought to have made the Goblet of Fire and HBP 3hrs long.

  16. SamTheWis3 says:

    dude! get out of here!
    this is for Potter fans
    who one cares about that stupid story
    its? about a stupid girl who tried to make her life as miserable as possible

  17. nomacrosby87 says:

    for the wedding scene in deathly hallows there just gonna fix the house cause in the beggening of half blood prince when harry and dumbledore went to slughornes for the first time the house was really messed up and it was broken sooo then dumbledore fixed it up soo i sure there gonna do the? same thing with deathly hallows with the weasleys house :)

  18. nomacrosby87 says:

    shut up twilight sucks and the movies are so? bad

  19. quicksand198989 says:

    i love yall’s voice… its 2? cuteee

  20. moonmagicgirl says:

    Exactly they NEED the Weasley house in? the next movie!

  21. 6684lillian says:

    Shut the hell up,? twitard.

  22. alicethesaxophonist says:

    I feel the? same way. I always re-read the books and then when i see the films i’m always saying ‘nope they got that wrong!’ i always annoy everyone watching with me lol.

  23. LashleyLove4ever says:

    I didn’t like the weasley house scene either. Lupin was? hardly in it! I was really annoyed at that.

  24. janniegurlly says:

    A must see movie. Watch it on
    new? watch movies (dot) com

  25. OctaviaBHall says:

    The Twilight Saga was the greates movie I ever seen ! Watch it now at twilight-now/dotcom? duh…

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