Lady Diana and William (AudioSwap)

April 27, 2012 by Chelsy  
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MY FIRST CHANNEL, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE some photos on lady diana william and the firstborn of diana and charles, I hope you enjoy subscribe and comment. ??Song: I’ Apres Midi ??Artist: Yann Tiersen ??Movie: Lady Diana ??Programm: Windows Movie Maker ??Backup: LadyDianaIsMyQueen92 ALL MY VIDEOS ARE MADE PURELY FOR FANS. I OWN NOTHING, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.


21 Responses to “Lady Diana and William (AudioSwap)”
  1. Kidugui says:

    porque que voce tinha que morrer?

  2. eggyandella90 says:

    WOW! William? used to be soo HOT!!

  3. wisequeens says:

    the sad thing about this delightful video and the one of Harrys christening. Is the father is? less concerned about how the child is, and more concerned about appearence and wiping aay the dribble.

    it is so telling.

  4. LadyDianaIsMyQueen93 says:

    thank? you..

  5. LadyDianaIsMyQueen93 says:


  6. LadyDianaIsMyQueen93 says:


  7. rahaf13 says:

    saaad? :’(

  8. LadieDust says:

    Harry has always? been cuter than William in my opinion:) Nice video!!:)

  9. gaykid80 says:

    Nice? video and sweet tune. Title?

  10. missgoldengirl18 says:

    Diana is so down to earth …. you can? see were william takes it from <3 Diana loved william and harry so much <3

  11. mdjoint301 says:

    Wow, Will is his mother’s son…he looks just like her.?

  12. MrNicuss says:

    I? ? Diana .
    Music Name . ?

  13. jojolocoloco says:

    this vid made me cry. haha.
    Diana missed the chance to see his son, william married.

    what i realized about this video is that mothers are the most important women in our lives :) ? im proud to say that i love my momma :)

  14. EmAn199121 says:

    that’s really toiching .. she’s a great? person

  15. lincolnfan3 says:

    I love, love, love the picture at 00:36 to 00:39
    They were so cute as kids. Grew up to be handsome.? I love baby Harry’s expression. He’s so cute. Really good job.

  16. noori0121 says:

    The music is? The piano very nice tune
    Diana R.I.P

  17. saveen3 says:

    what? music is this?

  18. timgirl100 says:

    Diana would be very proud of William? and Harry

  19. kingofpopno1 says:

    diana great lady in our? time r.i.p

  20. WilliamWiilland says:

    5 Stelle!!!
    Lady D. the best!!!

    William Wiilland?

  21. AnneAulisRobin says:

    I was a little kid when Lady? Diana died! I never will forget that day!
    She was suchs a kind and nice person!


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