Miranda and Jack Whitehall’s Royal Connections – The Graham Norton Show, preview – BBC One

April 26, 2012 by Chelsy  
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More about this programme: www.bbc.co.uk Miranda Hart and Jack Whitehall talk about their tenous social connections to Kate Middleton.


25 Responses to “Miranda and Jack Whitehall’s Royal Connections – The Graham Norton Show, preview – BBC One”
  1. oxMelxo says:

    I would? invite Miranda, Adele and Jack to my wedding.

  2. Adelvice11 says:

    I? am in love with Jack Whitehall! Soooo funny haha

  3. synneje says:

    And Miranda is pretty cool? as well?

  4. popazz1 says:

    I think it highlights,more than anything,just how little funding is given to state schools.More and more ‘working class’ people work as hard as they can in order to send their kids to public school rather than leave them to endure the jaded,couldn’t care less attitude of state? schools.Public schools have lost some of their elitisism.

  5. ihatevulcan says:

    “Yeah, I’ve tapped? that” SO FUNNY

  6. cpitney says:

    @BlueEyedMeerkat I can’t see the problem with parents wanting to have their children privately educated, it’s not like it is the child’s decision. People just assume you are some posh twat if you go to private school, and reversely some people think you’re chav scum if you go to public. Only difference is, if jack pulled an expression at Adele going? to public/state school, the audience wouldn’t be laughing whatsoever.

  7. naghoumette says:

    oh thanks :) ?

  8. ksbnr1 says:

    He’d never shut up about it for the? rest of his life. That’s what I think he said :)

  9. naghoumette says:

    thank you. but what i? didn’t hear what he said before: if he went out with the queen he wouldn’t what? that’s where i kinda got lost.

  10. ksbnr1 says:

    To? tap something, in this sense, means to have sex with it.

  11. poshnile says:

    I don´t think that´s funny.?

  12. NorthernElumination says:


  13. naghoumette says:

    i didn’t understand this one. can someone? explain?

  14. naghoumette says:

    that was the best? episode ever. all 3 of them are so hilarious (the guests i mean, graham is always funny).

  15. MeusOrsa says:

    oh i know hahah! if only Miranda was that posh on a day to day? basis…

  16. 22poopoo says:

    Me too, but obviously she said it? like that on purpose

  17. toggard40 says:

    MONKEY AT 0.08?

  18. cammychurm says:

    Yeah, i’ve tapped that! ?

  19. ZdPhoenix says:

    it really? isn’t. unless rednecks have miraculously evolved into a new race.

  20. MeusOrsa says:

    Thank you lol she’s too? posh I thought it was “Dine Heights”

  21. inhighdudgeon says:

    Downe House?

  22. pippa21336 says:

    very well to do? :P

  23. MeusOrsa says:

    whats the name? of the school? I can only make out “school for girls royal county berkshire”

  24. TheTheDixons says:

    narrow-minded and stupid person to be a homophobe in the? 21st century. what are you, a red-neck? < thats racist.

  25. awesomeninjafy says:


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