NBCNews: Today Show Open from London – Royal Wedding Day – April 29, 2011

April 18, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Crowds are flocking to Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and lining the procession routes in anticipation for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding celebration. TODAY’s Ann Curry, Al Roker, Natalie Morales and NBC’s Peter Alexander check in. Today Show opening april 29, 2011 at 4 am EST www.today.com


20 Responses to “NBCNews: Today Show Open from London – Royal Wedding Day – April 29, 2011”
  1. bgdrewsif says:

    Just search Leno Jaywalking here on youtube… or search for Rick Mercer “Talking to Americans” from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) and you will know why they need to? specify where London is, and then show us on a map on tv so we simple-minded Americans can understand….

  2. bgdrewsif says:

    Beleiev me when I teel you there are MANY Americans who would not even be able to find the United States on a world map… they would point to China or Australia or some other place… Jay Leno, host of the Tonight Show here in the USA does a skit called Jaywalking where? he goes on the streets to ask ordinary people really simple questions and they are unable to answer… So if you asked some of these people where is London they might say “At Disney World” or other stupidity..

  3. broadshoulder says:

    But why do you? apply it to the rest of the world? Everyone should know which country London is in…

  4. bgdrewsif says:

    Yes, we Americans tend to be specific with our own place names as well. If someone on the news is in New? Orleans, they would say “Reporting live from New Orleans, Louisiana” instead of just “New Orleans” or “Live from Phoenix, Arizona” instead of just “Phoenix”. We all know where New Orleans and Phoenix are, but that is just how we do things over here…

  5. DaleWF10 says:

    Shut it if you like shit rip-off of rugby maybe you should get brutally raped by somalian pirates and crippled? by a bear

  6. Readd1 says:

    Wow, you generalise by calling all of the U.S. dumb and then post? the most ridiculously inane comment about American Football. I think you should just stop typing.

  7. DaleWF10 says:

    So fuck the U.S they are still dumb no? other country uses Farenheit they should stick with times change to Celius and stop playing that shit sport American football

  8. Readd1 says:

    Yes I know but it’s a show broadcast in the US and he was giving the temperature in fahrenheit for? the benefit of the show’s american audience. Of course it wasn’t 48/49oc.

  9. DaleWF10 says:

    In Britain we don’t use Fahrenheit we use? Celius dufus

  10. Readd1 says:

    fahrenheit you? dufus.

  11. hi262779 says:

    It’s just something americans do, they do it with their? own place names as well.

  12. broadshoulder says:

    Why the London, England? business? Dont Americans know where London is without this moniker?

    I despair.

  13. drmobe says:

    fuck off?

  14. ImaginedWriter says:

    5:02=? Great suit.

  15. DaleWF10 says:

    48/49 degrees??
    Seriously, it was about 15 degrees and its never been over 30 in England ever

  16. WaldensWorld1 says:

    I was walking out of Green Park after the whole thing and I passed behind the Today desk as these American girls were screaming Matt and Meredith’s names and I noticed something. Meredith Viera takes time to turn around and wave at her fans whereas Matt Lauer couldn’t give? a shit.

  17. ianmann64 says:

    The american colonies are as loyal to the? Crown as ever.

  18. irish89055 says:

    yeah? Roker, the joker…

  19. assassssasa says:

    I can’t? believe al roker was sent to cover the royal wedding.

  20. radiodj1520 says:

    In This Clip, From 0:00 To 1:38, It Was NBC News’ Today At The Royal? Wedding Video Open From Early Friday Morning, April 29, 2011.

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