Prince William and Catherine Middleton wedding-1

April 9, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey-29-4-2011 presided by archbishop of Canterbury wedding sermon by Bishop of London


7 Responses to “Prince William and Catherine Middleton wedding-1”
  1. edecorsa says:


  2. robysnehapuram says:

    ? Very true, sermon was one of the best i have heard

  3. sophielou6 says:

    06:23 was a look? they shared that showed the world just how special this day meant to them as a couple :)
    Brilliant sermon.

  4. miriamaleon says:

    Beautiful words, very? inspiring! Love the ending prayer.

  5. mcaruci says:

    and? AMEN

  6. robysnehapuram says:

    , Exactly

  7. dylan618 says:

    An excellent sermon? by the Bishop of London.

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