Prince William and Kates Royal Wedding Choir Music-Paul Mealor – Ubi Caritas et amor

April 23, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Paul Mealor Ubi Caritas st amor performed at the Royal Wedding


25 Responses to “Prince William and Kates Royal Wedding Choir Music-Paul Mealor – Ubi Caritas et amor”
  1. animesis says:

    ah lol oki doki :p, but I think you need to check? the meaning of appalled ;)

  2. rweerakkody4565 says:

    at? the music! :D

  3. animesis says:

    …at what??

  4. hyghiaumtym says:

    this piece would have fit? into the lord of the rings like a glove :O so surreal….

  5. alan4uk says:

    Who said Great Britain was done for , people watch in awe? at some of the finest choir singing you will ever hear on this planet.

  6. Leameana says:

    Just an amzaingly beautiful song?

  7. ingrid1433 says:

    helllll? ,cheibi

  8. rockywspd says:


  9. commando7144 says:

    awesome tones!!?

  10. AlmightyEddie123 says:

    all of the? lil kids wear glasses lol

  11. haveingfun1012 says:

    omg…. I sang? this for my vocal class last year and from us singing to this xD WE SUCKED haha :)

  12. Momhavic says:

    I love this piece?

  13. UltimateGuitarist17 says:

    wow! Sounds? airy, haunting and peaceful all at the sometime….

  14. rweerakkody4565 says:

    i am? appaled

  15. 2dianafans says:

    me too,what? an unforgettable day

  16. munin09 says:

    I get? shivers every time I see and hear this, this music in Westminster Abby – Epic….

  17. IHateThisStupidChair says:

    This choir ended up being the only main reason for me to watch? the whole royal wedding.

  18. ChurpMusic says:

    Just? chilling, this was such an amazing thing to hear, and it still is.

  19. Chews54 says:

    @rontomcol of course he didn’t like it. It was really done well. ?

  20. LadyHOCR12 says:

    When? I’m traveling through the tunnel towards the light, I hope it sounds like this. Brings tears to my eye, so beautiful!

  21. PatRibsey says:


  22. rontomcol says:

    John Rutter? disliked this ;-)

  23. thamadmadmax says:

    Absolutely amazing. I’m? still shaking…

  24. islandgirl787 says:

    Wonderful music ! And one of several memorable scenes captured at the Royal Wedding Service. The combination of beautiful music and a particularly moving shot at 3.30 in, is? sheer magic.
    Lovely ….

  25. dreamrecorder says:


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