Princess Diana

April 5, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Princess Diana pictures and music. Elton John – Tiny Dancer Princess Diana, her boys, Prince William and Harry, and Prince Charles. 10 years after her death, she is still the Queen of Hearts! Feel free to rate this video or leave comments.


25 Responses to “Princess Diana”
  1. poxrider says:

    Because you have Irish in your username. And because the ignorant shit you come out with and the ridiculous way you twist from pious bitch to insulting skanger invites insults and shame on Ireland. But that’s water off a duck’s back for a half-witted troll such as you.

    ApricotsMariska had you well sussed when? she called you an immature bullshitter etc etc..

  2. claudia57021 says:

    I like Lady? Diana. Welcome Prince Williams and Kate.

  3. bella140791 says:

    Happy birthday,beautiful Lady Di !!!!! THE? PRINCESS? OF HEARTS !!!!!

  4. 19EHF says:

    God Bless her. She would be so proud of her boys today. She and Michael Jackson are people who saw the world through their hearts. Why is it always people who have the capacity to make the world a better place are the ones who? die so young and unexpectly? Why? JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, RFK, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson. Why must those always leave us so soon.

  5. SuperAnnieOakley says:

    A beautiful soul. Still makes me cry to think? she’s gone. Without a doubt, I don’t believe her death was an accident.

  6. marinello6 says:

    Don’t you people understand? The British Royals have been killing their own for centuries. The? rules that? we live by do not apply to them. They follow the principles of Niccolò Machiavelli. ?

  7. quak2quak2quak says:

    No one dare? dislike this.

  8. jladd1028 says:

    she? looks alot like wills as a child!

  9. Truth666 says:

    the difference between Prince William and you BEASTS
    is the two first words in title of first result of this interesting? search

    He did NOT accept it

    HORRIBLE TRUTH about Bush photo laughing while flashing devil sign with Queen – PICTURE IS NOT HORRIBLE, the BLACK SHEEP line is!

  10. irishxxkelt says:

    Why did? you call me potato head?

  11. irishxxkelt says:

    Don’t theaten? me.

  12. LeonardLi66 says:


  13. LeonardLi66 says:


  14. angelanova1 says:

    Diana was a victim. A little sweet girl lost her mom very early in her life.. got a step family who didn’t love her.. of course her mind wasn’t ready to pick the right man… charles needed to marry someone like her… and eventhou she didn’t love him at first.. she married with the certainty she’d love him so much… that was her first mistake. Now Royal family… Royal pain….? poor sweet girl… she deserved love.

  15. MattsGirl21 says:


    Have some self-respect for God’s sake and some respect for the dead!!! No one told you that you had to like her or anything she did while she was alive, but you have no right to disrespect someone that you didn’t even know.

  16. irishxxkelt says:

    @wugufugu Personally I think Diana was cremated privately and her ashes are? in the same chapel as her father’s. I don’t think Kate is as concerned as some people here in YouTube about Diana. After all she was given her engagement ring by William.

  17. irishxxkelt says:

    …Whoever has never sinned can throw the first? stone.

  18. irishxxkelt says:

    “Whoever has not sinned can throw? the first stone”.

  19. irishxxkelt says:

    Yes I think highly of myself. How much is too much? At least I am a better educated? and a better class of person not to swear like a docker at another person whose views differ from mine.You’re a bit sad though stalking me through YouTube. Einstein? Is that another Canadian cartoon? So call Camilla a whore? Are you so perfect? You never lusted after a man? You never fell out of a pub drunk. I could go on…..As Jesus said to the men who caught a woman in the act of adultery…

  20. irishxxkelt says:

    @ApricotsMariska” Leave me alone”. Typical whinge from someone who has had a mirror up to the face to show a bigot,a racist, someone with the tongue of a guttersnipe and a self righteous prat staring back at herself. I do not feed off conflict and negativity. I engage with people who dream of a world-wide caliphate and some of them ask me to accept them as friends. How much is thinking too highly of? myself? Well at least I have never called another woman a bitc* here.

  21. ApricotsMariska says:

    Oh, and don’t forget to get the last word in? Einstein.

  22. ApricotsMariska says:

    Just be quiet and leave me alone. You’re not worth my time or thoughts. By the way – Camilla’s a huge? whore. You know, I’ve just happened upon some other comments (on another video) in which you made to some others. This behavior of yours is a pattern, you feed off conflict & negativity. Go bite on someone else’s ankles for awhile, find someone else to argue with. You think too highly of yourself…

  23. irishxxkelt says:

    …and I am full of sh*t? My goodness you really and truly a foul mouthed woman, and a racist to boot. Would you like me to call you a Canook and a stupid Canook at that? Oh I forgot South Park is Canadian….?

  24. irishxxkelt says:

    Now I am a knob. What a dirty filthy mouth you have. There was an inquiry in the UK too.? Stupid ass? Now you attack donkeys! I am not sure we have ale in Ireland. We cetainly don’t call it that. I don’t drink beer anyway. Boiled cabbageand corned beef..LOL What an ignoramus you are. Cabbage should be steamed and I don’t think I ever had corned beef. I couldn’t give a damn whether you believe I wrote to Mohamed Fayed or not. I don’t hate the man, I felt sorry for him.

  25. irishxxkelt says:

    Bad manners, and you call me a bit*h? Not mature? Just because at nearly 55 I am not waffling on years after her death about Diana. Controlling and vindictive. Why, because I have moved on? I don’t think that Camilla is a whore, never? did. Diana was an extraordinary woman but not some superior being. Yes, it was an arranged marriage between a man of 32 going on 50 who thought he was marrying a woman who liked the things he did but in reality didn’t.

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