RMR: William and Kate Engaged

April 11, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Picking a date for your wedding is always a nightmare.


16 Responses to “RMR: William and Kate Engaged”
  1. FlowerChild65 says:

    When did everyone get so Republican? God Save? the Queen!

  2. coolhaha10 says:

    10 DAYS?

  3. gundamWWW says:

    If you want to get a Constitutional Ammendment in this country from all 10 provinces.
    Just propose to abolish the monarchy and save millions of dollars…
    You will have premiers tripping overthemselves to sign the constitution!
    The Premier? of Quebec would be first in line.

  4. lcoughey says:

    My vote is for? the racquetball.

  5. SyroDance says:

    RACQUETBALL PWONES! Do I see him annocing any other sports? I DON’T? THINK SO! SEE YOU ALL AT NATIONALS BABY!

  6. TuxedoMaskLuuver says:

    well,? i better see Elton John there when I go!….and im srsly going.

  7. KursaLove says:

    Question….why do ? we need royalty nowadays? They just stand there and wave. I can do that in the mall

  8. sweetpete420 says:

    i think they killed themselves a day and half later?

  9. gordonf4yt says:

    Isn’t? that when they committed suicide too?

  10. 2551bali says:

    as a? good grand daughter in law Kathryn have to learn so say …… OH DEAR ….
    OH DEAR …. !!!

  11. BigTimage says:

    Crap; no Elton John. We’re gonna have to settle with the musical stylings of Stephen? Harper.

  12. captancomet says:

    hell i live their may? as well

  13. Anghellik9 says:

    And all 15 of Canada’s? staunch monarchists rejoiced.

  14. sweetpete420 says:

    fact- adolf hitler and eva braun? got married on april 29th

  15. ftws says:

    Screw the wedding, I’d rather watch racquetball!?

  16. roxlikepeter says:


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