Rose Emanuel – Nothing In Your Pocket (Official Music Video)

April 20, 2012 by Chelsy  
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MP3 AVAILABLE ON ITUNES AND AMAZON FOLLOW ROSE EMANUEL Twitter: @CosieRosiePosie MetaHara Productions Rose Emanuel, Nothing In Your Pocket Songwriters/Producers–Jay Pomerantz and Mott Jordan Executive Producer–Jay Pomerantz…


24 Responses to “Rose Emanuel – Nothing In Your Pocket (Official Music Video)”
  1. Alexxisle says:

    That Guy Looks Like, Ryan? Reynolds.

  2. BelieveSeeDreamDo says:

    Love it! She has a resemblance to Ariel.. Very weird.. anyway great song, great video and great talent! 5 stars from me!?

  3. krystynaahlers says:

    Who is the cute blonde about 28 seconds in? I? love her hair!

  4. MissElf94 says:

    personally, this reminds me? of rebecca black – friday

  5. mattmanlucas says:

    epic? song:D keep it up

  6. LJEBVB says:

    Awesome !! :D xxxx Your Really Talented?

  7. thejakelan says:

    this? is so awesome

  8. thejakelan says:

    haaa good

  9. Marinbot says:


  10. KennyMichelleJones says:

    All teen pop nowadays has some sort of autotune. I’ve worked alongside a bunch of artist and I can tell you that most all of them are autotuned. Britney Spears was autotuned on Baby One More Time, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez etc.. I could go on. I think this song is a great pop hit for tweens and teens and the music video, and singer, does a lot of justice to the? song.

  11. lotreowyn says:

    @jessicacandycanelane @humburger1 I’m not saying that this girl is a bad singer. I think this song is really badly written and executed. The voice has clearly been heavily edited. Being singer and a having spent alot of time in studios in the past 3 years I certainly tell when something has been autotuned. Still… I’m not? saying she normally sings out of tune, just that the voice in this track has be messed around with.

  12. MrCookiesbest says:

    And to all you children arguing, have some respect. This is? nothing like “Friday” and this how pop music is today. Scream at the industry if you are not satisfied but not this? poor girl. Stop being babies, grow up and enjoy this talent. Bravo.

  13. MrCookiesbest says:

    My daughter absolutely adores this video! Thank you very much for putting yourself out there in a kid friendly manner. The pop music is catchy, the girl is talented, the music video has a great story line and most importantly there is? nothing inappropriate about this music video! and I speak for all parents out there, who have children who love this kind of music… THANK YOU! Well done and congratulations, you have earned the respect from parents around the globe.

  14. humburger1 says:

    You’re all entitled to your own opinion,? but i’m… TEAM ROSE!

  15. humburger1 says:

    this is like Rebecca Black in the sense that she’s aiming at early to late tweens, and the difference between her and rebecca black is that she is not autotuned in this music video. rebecca black can sing in real life and her producers just did a terrible job, but this music video is autotune free and if you look at any of her other videos, she has a completely astounding voice. The meaning behind this also outweighs “Friday”? by far. So all these Rebecca Black comments are a little irrelevant

  16. jessicacandycanelane says:

    also I find it funny because the more you guys comment negativity, the? more hits and comments she gets and thus meaning she will go viral in no time. Of course its a suggested video.. are you stupid? its in the tags and they tagged a bunch of artists probably to get more views! idiot.

  17. jessicacandycanelane says:

    @lotreowyn So obviously, @MrSavSan brought in a friend to back him up. Well done. However, I don’t give a crap what you say. I’m also going to stick up for this girl because I believe shes talented and yes I’m a fan and thats what fans do. First off, this is NOT autotuned clearly if you listen to her other singing videos or grease remake project she CAN SING. Rebecca Black is FULLY autotuned with BAD lyrics, BAD video concept and isnt pretty and Rose Emanuel? is the complete OPPOSITE. TEAM ROSE.

  18. humburger1 says:

    you? know nothing about autotune, obviously.

  19. lotreowyn says:

    Haha just noticed? Rebecca Black -Friday comes up in the suggested videos. That says it all I reckon.

  20. lotreowyn says:

    Wow how petty can you be. Just because you try and put someone down doesn’t make thier comment? any less valid. This comment really shows you up to be childish and petty. Just because someone disagrees with you is no reason to attack thier character.

  21. lotreowyn says:

    It is ridiculous to say that negative comments should be deleted! My negative comments are as valid as your positive. If you don’t want your work to be critisized? by the general public then don’t put it on youtube where there is a section for commenting. Also this has clearly been botted or the comments have been seriously moderated already.

  22. MrSavSan says:

    @iamiamam1 Welcome to the internet, where people can say anything as negative as they like.

    @humburger1 It’s obvious from your previous comments that you know this girl in real life, I obviously have nothing individually against this girl just I am sure she is lovely in real life. I still maintain that? this is almost as bad as Friday by Rebecca Black, In my mind this song stand for the unoriginality in the music business, where any rich kid can have their parents fork out 30K and be a pop star

  23. lotreowyn says:

    Oh dear this is terrible. nearly as bad as Rebecca? Black. Its scary to think someone payed serious money to have this shallow, autotuned monstrosity made.

  24. iamiamam1 says:

    There are young people in this video. I’m impressed with what they have created and think that the comments should be moderated. Delete the negative comments.

    My niece has watched it at least 20 times. This video was perfectly crafted for tween and teen girls. ?

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