Royal wedding rewind: Charles and Diana kiss

April 22, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Following their royal wedding ceremony, Prince Charles and Princess Diana proceeded to Buckingham Palace, where they shared a public kiss on a balcony.


24 Responses to “Royal wedding rewind: Charles and Diana kiss”
  1. diana98frances says:

    i know right. its like? it was just an arranged marriage

  2. diana98frances says:

    i know right. its like it was just an arranged? marriage

  3. diana98frances says:

    i know right. its like it? was just an arranged marriage

  4. CrazyVicky3000 says:

    poor thing, she looks? terrified :( <3

  5. 0o0otako says:

    They didn’t love each other. It’s visible from the first sight? :( kate and william were so happy on their wedding, their faces were shining from happiness. Diana and Charles’s smiles are so fake :( (

  6. navicoolya says:

    u can’t? call her princess as she’s not born in royal family, Duchess of Cambridge will be more Appropriate

  7. mgdan6 says:

    I busted a? nut to this lol.

  8. tracyblogger says:

    What an awkward kiss. Swaying and then? kissing, as if by accident. Those of you noticing how scared she looked, she was. Plus, she was only 20 years old.

  9. registered4japan says:

    she looks so scared, like “get me outta? here!” i <3 princess di:)

  10. registered4japan says:

    Oh, she is gorgeous… poor, poor princess Di: She doesn’t love him. I cannot believe he married Camilla: That cast a shadow on the British monarchy for me. I admire Princess Di so? much:)

  11. Pepper6464 says:

    Damn, Princess? Diana still looked better than Kate on the wedding day. At least Diana dressed appropriately for her decade, the flamboyant 1980′s. Kate on the other hand looks like a bride from the 1960′s or 1970′s.

  12. koolkid4ever says:

    Awh they are sho adorable goshhh. I love how he kissed? her hand like a cutie. LOL <3

  13. JojyIrish says:

    No one can compete with Princess Diana, so much facial emotion…I think there’s a son who has taken after? her.

  14. MrArsenalAwesome says:

    woow she is really pretty princess diana i? never see this b4 cuz i wasn’t born yet :( 2 bad she died early

  15. emmadilemmasings says:

    It’s sad how obviously not in-love they are. Poor, poor? Diana.

  16. lamberload says:

    :/ Whats up with? these royal kisses?
    lol first Diana & Charles
    now Kate & William?

  17. rabdude54 says:

    Wow she looked so nervous. She almost looked? sad.

  18. cromatic87 says:

    OMG that’s something i wasn’t expected to hear… 4:20 you’ll never walk alone?

  19. Owtukah01 says:

    There Such a Different Couple to? Kate and William.. More Public I think.

  20. eclecticism7 says:

    She looked? so nervous! Of course, I can’t say I wouldn’t be if I were marrying a prince in front of millions of people…

  21. nataliya08 says:

    its so sad, she was the true? british Princess

  22. vmb8706 says:

    lol what did you expect?? tongue? action?

  23. lovejbxx says:

    stupid? jpc.

  24. ShivaChill says:

    God she looked awkward and nervous the whole way? through. R.I.P Diana :-(

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