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THE ARMY’S ‘MASTER OF CEREMONIAL’ RECEIVES NEW INSIGNIA FOR ROYAL WEDDING Video sows a WO1 (GSM) Garrison Sergeant Major Guards Badge being stitched , this was given by the Queen of rank on to his regimental tunic in time for the Royal Wedding. Garrison Sergeant Major William Mott OBE, the senior Warrant Officer of the British Army, and the man responsible for some of the most spectacular State ceremonial over the last decade, has been presented with an historic Warrant Officers’ badge of rank in time for the Royal Wedding on 29 April. “Billy” Mott has been in his current post as Garrison Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer Class 1) London District, since July 2002. Officially responsible for State Ceremonial, he has been involved in nearly every large-scale ceremonial event in London, and his job has taken him as far as Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Malaysia and Jordan in the organising of events. As the post of Garrison Sergeant Major is traditionally a Court Appointment, the new badge has been approved especially by Her Majesty The Queen. The badge revives the original one made for Sergeant Majors appointed to the Court of King William IV in the early 19th Century. It incorporates the Royal Coat of Arms worn by selected Warrant Officers Class 1 of The Household Division, placed over four chevrons sewn in gold thread, the traditional badge of the Sergeant Major, originally worn on both arms of their tunics. Billy Mott has received the badge in advance of one of his biggest jobs to


3 Responses to “THE BIG BADGE GSM Garrison Sergeant Major (RSM) GUARDS DIVISION LONDON”
  1. Insperato62 says:

    Ah, that’s how it’s done! Some military taylor sews it on, not your? wife or girlfriend!!! That’s a relief – I had enough trouble sewing my son’s Scout badges on to a wriggly, itchy green jumper. Very interesting though.

  2. theothertoolbox says:

    That is? fantastic. Thanks for posting.

  3. woodenz says:

    Far more impressive than the standard Guards? Sarn’t Majors Badge of office …..

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