The British royal family by the numbers

April 2, 2012 by Chelsy  
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With the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton around the corner, Charles Osgood looks into the history of Britain’s royal family – by the numbers.


21 Responses to “The British royal family by the numbers”
  1. Fr33Minded says:

    British royal family are? all German blooded so in effect we lost the world wars as we are run by Germans.

  2. Luigi84289 says:

    Monarchies function best it’s our natural European form of Government. The US Constitution was a radical experiment and it has failed. Parliament should not have all the power. The King should preside over the two houses and hold ultimate authority. This would keep 99% of the crap that passes itself off as legislation? from getting passed.

  3. Luigi84289 says:

    Monarchy is the best form of Government. I have always firmly believed that it’s better to have people run the country through bloodlines where the power is inherited rather than being elected through popularity contests. Royalty is brought up with a sense of pride and responsibility towards the people. Princess Diana was a Saint compared to Barack or? any President the US has had in 120 years. Slowly the Government of US has become nothing more than a greed ridden sleaze trap.

  4. Wisdomfanatic2011 says:

    and America is 1/2? mexican now. lol

  5. takemybreathawayok says:


  6. HaiLsKuNkY says:

    during the reign of George III the crown estate went bankrupt, he surrendered the income from the Crown lands? to parliament for a fix income, this works out today as £60 million per year. the profits from the crown estates today are £230.9 million per year. that means that by having a queen taxpayers are £170 million better off. if we abolished the monarch they would get the crown estate worth 7 billion. but to mention the about of people that visit London because of the monarchy.

  7. HBCult says:

    Interesting to see all of the? numbers.

  8. ronsiris says:

    look what the russians replace monarchy with,slaughter and repression,and as for america,it boasts? about freedom and equality,but in reality if you have no money,you have neither ,oh and don,t get sick, our monarchy is misunderstood,if ever the politicians went down the wrong path,she as the power,to remove their power.think of her as a sprinkler system,you never see what it can do until a fire starts.

  9. TheGloryfighter1000 says:

    republic sucks to just as worse but yea? in other words fuck royalty

  10. ZDtue says:

    ? ????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ????????? ?? ?????? ?????? ??????? ??? ??? ??????? ?????? ? 1066 ????

  11. ZDtue says:

    BIANNA-?! Anna II .??? ????????? :? ?? ??? ??????? ? ???? ?????????! ? ??? ?????? ? ???? ?????? ?? ????? ???????? ???????

  12. MrMezmerizable says:

    Obama killed? Osama.

  13. paintballukz says:

    i argee with u now see the royal family on tv becuase it is not your country but in enlgand the cost of fuel is high too ?

  14. face112 says:

    This information is so interesting.. If only I could be born and have everything served to me without? lifting a finger.

  15. george2648 says:

    yeah but the people in our government are freeloaders to ….the royal family just walks around proud of it lol?

  16. Lynnc83 says:

    royal family.? <—-f++k them people working there butt off? at work & gas is over 4 bucks americans got real issues to deal without looking at royal trash on TV

  17. CertifiedGooner729 says:

    Herpa derp derp.? Duuuuuuuuuhhhhh dablah blah blah blah blah herpa derp. Dah derp da derp da derp. Ka ka! Ka ka. Ka blah.

    I shat in my hand and threw it at my screen. I hope the royals can taste it.

  18. star50ify says:

    Give us a break with this bullshit. I think the Russians had the right idea when it came to royalty. These Royals gotta be the most boring cunts in the world. A bunch of freeloaders.? Thank God America is a Republic.

  19. IceSlushi says:

    omg 1/16th American…that? makes me so fucken interested in the royal family.

  20. The68cal says:

    nothing happends…?

  21. wwwdihstyledotcom says:

    wtf? click ctrl+w on this video, it’s awesome? wtf moment xD

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