The Royal Wedding – Ubi Caritas et Amor (HD) (29 April 2011)

April 11, 2012 by Chelsy  
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(Click Show More for audio download.) Dr. Paul Mealor’s arrangement of Ubi Caritas et Amor for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Note: A high quality downloadable version of this audio (6 channel stereo surround in 384 kbit/s 48 kHz AC3 format) is available here: Primary link: Backup link: This AC3 was provided to me by an English viewer who streamcopied it from a firewire recording of the broadcast. It is therefore identical in quality to the original English TV broadcast itself, as it was neither re-encoded during the original off-air recording process, nor was it re-encoded during the excerpting process. If you choose to download the AC3, you can support the arranger by buying his album, which features it: Or by buying his sheet music for the arrangement:


25 Responses to “The Royal Wedding – Ubi Caritas et Amor (HD) (29 April 2011)”
  1. daviddifiore says:

    thanks for this wonderful composition and for showing us? how to do it right!

  2. grimeyb0i says:


  3. benattck says:

    Where there is? love god it there

  4. arianaalioth says:

    Honestly…this is a holy work of art. Even moreso than anything painted by Michaelangelo in? the Sistine Chapel.

  5. arianaalioth says:

    They were taking pictures of the? resonance.

  6. arianaalioth says:

    Dr. Mealor, speaking as a musician, this piece of music is the only piece of music that comes close to describing? the mysteriousness of the intimacy I had with someone one time, with my indisputable other half. It is hauntingly beautiful. I even bought the SATB print of it to secure in the most honored place in my lifetime collection of music. You, sir, are truly good. Highest Regards. -Valerie Roeder, RN, BSN

  7. yellowlynx says:

    The arrangement? of Ubi Caritas has the constant shimmering of dissonance and resolution, with the basses rumbling below…. awesome.

  8. SavedSMVElove says:

    How wonderful! This is a beautiful arrangement. I’ve sung the arrangement by Durufle. I wonder who? wrote this arrangement.

  9. glenn41062 says:

    GGrrrrrrrrrr! Damn those clicking? cameras.

  10. dyamarick says:

    Sir, I could not get enough of this piece at the time of the wedding. Revisiting it again, again I am taken up into the heavenlies. Tomorrow I will be teaching on Psalm 133 regarding Christian unity. We will play your interpretation and read the English translation of Ubi Caritas et Amor. Thanks for being a blessing through? your work.

  11. awkwardbarry says:

    It is moving, but it’s just so slight it looks like the frame remains the same. Look? at the kid at the bottom left hand corner; he gradually disappears.

  12. PaulMealor says:

    I’m just about to release a new recording of this music. Pop over to my profile? to find out more

  13. PaulMealor says:

    So nice to see? people still enjoying this. Please do visit my profile where I’ve posted more of my music including another performance of Ubi Caritas. Paul Mealor

  14. StillLifeWithMangoes says:

    I’m? really peeved off at the photographers whose clicking cameras tainted this recording.

  15. Smokers1988 says:


  16. TheDeanster13 says:

    Simply astounding…I think I? had an eargasm.

  17. TheDeanster13 says:

    Hey, show? some respect!

  18. Toujourmike says:

    At 1 min 38, there’s the Choir and a screen with? a carving passing in front of the Choir. If you concentrate on Choir you will see neither the picture angle nor the size of the image changes , but the screen moves in front. Does anyone know how this is done?

  19. arianaalioth says:

    Late this August, I hope my ….other half….comes over to visit me, and when? we finally give in to making beautiful love together, i’m going to make sure this plays at some point. If it played over and over for 3 hours it would be so …….. [speechless]…he makes me speechless…. he is surely the first and last, he is surely my other half, I am surely his slave in God forever; I was, I am, and I always will be…

  20. Smokers1988 says:

    get a better mp3 player…not a f*** iShit?

  21. rlstorey says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. ? Good for my soul.

  22. smo2241 says:

    iv also? been looking for this…i feel like im flying…gliding… when i hear this

  23. smo2241 says:

    iv also been looking for this…i feel like im? flying…gliding… when i hear this

  24. YTisshit says:

    Really, truly mind blowing. Thank you?

  25. arizonaviewer63 says:

    this peace of music is what i’ve been looking for! thanks for posting it. this is? what my last walk in life would sound like

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