Westminster Abbey I Vow to Thee My Country

April 9, 2012 by Chelsy  
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From Princess Diana’s funeral, the choir and congregation of Westminster Abbey singing “I Vow to Thee My Country”. The commentator said it was chosen by Prince William because he knew it to be one of his mother’s favourite hymns from school


25 Responses to “Westminster Abbey I Vow to Thee My Country”
  1. northeastsouthwest7 says:

    In? silence..I stand bowing my head..

  2. wdsa8d says:

    a salute from? australia

  3. Fonseca429 says:

    @astonishability, So post a video of that on? YT.

  4. Cranberryvid says:

    This piece should be? our national anthem.

  5. astonishability says:

    We had a boy’s choir (Tenors and Basses) of about 90 high school students in Australia sing this. It was absolutely incredible.?

  6. XZYOE says:

    The Planets came first, then he adapted? the tune for this.

  7. motorguzzi100 says:

    AND we return your salute comrades in? arms

  8. turnawry says:


  9. jackbeaumont says:

    je suis mettise, a? melange des couleurs woo

  10. fcmilsweeper9 says:

    Wait so…did Holst write this? in the planets and then it was popularized or vice versa?

  11. remyworldpeace says:

    Sung this in school today – I am? not one for nationalism, but it made me proud!

  12. menacinghat says:

    i agree with you blackbird i am spiritual but not religious.? that ball of light i saw after my friend died was unexplainable and science does not even register things like this.

  13. SlaineOz says:

    Part 2. Re ur radical politics: well,? Jesus was seen as a radical too, and directly challenged the establishmnt for their hypocrisy, their abuse of the people, & for their hunger for power, wealth & status instead of the God they claimed to represent, etc (“beware the leaven of the Pharisees”). BUT, JC still upheld the Prophets & the core message of the Torah (ie service to God then our fellow Man). Ie He didn’t ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’.

  14. SlaineOz says:

    Sigh … no offense but I think you’ve made a mistake, I believe you took ur eyes of God & lookd at man, & that you made man & the institutnl church the basis of ur faith, not Jesus Christ Himself. It seems to me that you rightly placed high value in integrity in the church & its ppl, & placed ur trust in ppl, who r ALL completely fallible. A wise pastor warned my mum many yrs ago that it’s ppl in the church who will hurt her the most,? & he was right, sadly.

  15. 02Blackbeard says:

    God died for me along with the clowns who claim to be his representitives. I have a spirituality, but it has NOTHING to do with organised religion. My politics are radical and likely to remain so. I have seen the “spirit” of the? Establishment and it chills my blood to the core.

  16. SlaineOz says:

    Well, for ur own sake & that of ur loved ones, you’re going to have to let it go at some stage … it’s clearly eating u up with bitterness,pain? & anger …. I’m not discounting what was done, but for ur own sake u need peace, release & healing … & you have to make the decisn to forgive (or at least let it go) … I suggest cry out to God with all your pain, anger, hatred & bitterness … He’s big enough to cope, & He’s still cares, regardless of what’s done.

  17. taktojestania says:

    polska na? pogrzebie

  18. 02Blackbeard says:

    Yes, after having been fucked over, first by the Church (I used to be a Priest),, then by the Judiciary (Masons) I think I have a? right to be. I personally HATE the Establishment from the depths of my being.

  19. SlaineOz says:

    You are an angry man aren’t? you?

  20. 02Blackbeard says:

    Nice Masonic? floor there.

  21. 02Blackbeard says:

    Fuck? patriotism.

  22. 02Blackbeard says:

    Two fingers from this side of the pond.?

  23. 02Blackbeard says:

    Yes, dick,? the mark was in the wrong place. FAIL!

  24. skiprydell1 says:

    What? a beautiful expression of no longer believed thoughts for such a meaningless occasion.

  25. Fonseca429 says:

    R.I.P.,? Lady Di.

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