‘Wills and Kate’ chants on Canada Day

April 8, 2012 by Chelsy  
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A 300000-strong crowd cheer the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Canada Day. . Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com


25 Responses to “‘Wills and Kate’ chants on Canada Day”
  1. AlexFoeShizzle says:

    I was there!? I saw Kate’s head… Hehehe

  2. mklh4 says:

    i prefer AMERICA over? Canada :)

  3. ralphyization says:

    I thought they were awesome! Canada welcomed them, we enjoy the Royals, as we should, but., I think we know we’re all past the point of, other than being “figure heads”, it’s all good. Who doesn’t want a little romance, or? tradition???I kind of like it!

  4. emnal2000 says:

    ~Does someone have a dream? If you do, thumbs up to this comment!
    My dream is to meet? Princess Kate, and spend a day with her, and I wish that she would teach me how to be royal for a day, and we could go crazy hat shopping! KEEEEEEEEEE!!! I also dream that she would make a Youtube account and reply to this comment! But we all know that she’s just to busy for that. :)
    Remember, if you have a dream, don’t be afraid to share it with the world. If you have a wish, show it! And don’t be shy.~

  5. musiclovingchick6 says:

    Love them? <3 i was so excited that they’re in my country

  6. beccaboomhouer says:

    it’s alright. i’m? sure one day us “dumb” canadIANS will find a way to help people like you who have their head stuck up their ass.

  7. mrpeaas says:

    i prefer canada? to america.

  8. joebulls1 says:

    no i haven’t but canada is borin its the best country in the world what bothers me is that loser brian mulroney son Ben Mulroney ? always sucks up to those jerks god for give me for saying this but that little bitch justin bieber could of been here but anyway thats just me

  9. joebulls1 says:

    ok that was 2 what about the rest they can’t take a day out of Thier? life to go celebrate Thier country na like I said sellout for the American dollar

  10. WillShakespeare2007 says:

    - Keep taking the tablets? and physiotherapy and who knows, one day you might be alright again.

  11. GeneralParadigm says:

    Right on. What? bugs me is that one of Canada’s best rockers was sitting there on stage. Steve Harper. Ever heard that dude’s version of Jumpin’ Jack Flash?

  12. TheENTERRAPTURE17 says:

    YELLOWSTONE – EXXON/MOBIL OIL LEAK POLLUTES 150 Miles of River 7/2/11 “SHARIA Law”..MORE NUCLEAR PLANTS!VISION -ATTACK Of ISRAEL That Is Coming!Osama Bin Laden Dead May 1,2011/Hitler Dead April 30,1945 66 Years Apart!Another 6 is coming this year.Microchip-666 in hands and foreheads.Hell is real!Middle East and Israel? conflict,WWIII?-Bible Prophecy!TO NON BELIEVERS REPENT SAVE YOUR SOULS.JESUS IS COMING!Get raptured not suffer the great tribulation.LISTEN TO PAUL BEGLEY IN YOUTUBE.

  13. emiilyxilu says:

    lmao,? i love how they don’t show justin bieber on this.. he must feel so special now O.o

  14. kcougar12 says:

    “dumb? canadains” hahahaha. stupid inbred fuck, learn to spell if you’re gonna call someone dumb.

  15. ecoseeds says:

    Yes, the Americans are so amazing and sooo incredibly smart! That’s they they are in debt to the Chinese for $300 trillion. That’s why they have the highest unemployment in years, and that’s why they are in a recession for the past..4? 5? years. Oh yes, the Americans, SOOOOO smart! While us Canadians suffer with free healthcare, and high employment and very good financial and economic situations. Not to mention, we’re so dumb that our population is healthy while? the Yanks are obese.

  16. 203207ab says:

    Screw you Canadia and your candai loonie bird.
    -from the Greatest Power the World has ever Known – The Greatest United States of America !! And the Greatest State? of Texas !!
    dumb canadains !!

  17. BigMrFirebird says:

    There’s a Commonwealth Wargrave cemetary close by me, full of Canada’s young sons who were in Bomber Command. I visit to pay my respects as often as? I can.

  18. Sedoreable says:

    They are soo cute? and I’m happy to welcome them both to this awesome nation of ours

  19. ampay4 says:

    fuck you lol its? our Canada Day

  20. sweetpete420 says:

    broken social scene and the tragically hip played at? downsview park

  21. cona94 says:

    You? are pathetic

  22. davoisakoollord says:

    Yay for imperialism!? :D

  23. sooupdragon says:

    “Truly the? wolves have easy prey”.

    - Robert Tressell, “The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists”

  24. Channelography says:

    It’s refreshing to note there are innumerable dismisive comments to the insult that is? ITN News.

  25. BigLiuKang says:

    FYI,? there are 300,000 people there every year for the huge party in Ottawa, not because the royals where there…

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