Wills and Kate: The Dragon Boat race

April 7, 2012 by Chelsy  
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The Duke of Cambridge beats his wife in a Dragon Boat race in Canada. . Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com


25 Responses to “Wills and Kate: The Dragon Boat race”
  1. theunisexvideos says:

    Hey we’ve got a great song about rowing called ‘ROW MY FRIEND’ you can hear it on our channel with a funny video showing rowing technique!? Also check us on facebook and Spotify! The Unisex.com from Sweden.

  2. princessk1313 says:

    This is SO cute like? I could watch it again and again!!!!!

  3. fupaphil says:

    thats why i said? “isnt just in canada”, not “isn’t in canada”. learn to read.

  4. dnirvine says:

    I don’t see them controlling too much over here. The Governor General has the utmost power in representation for the Queen, yes but comparing them to a crime family. Our GG is appointed by our government, which we elected in so I guess we are part of that family too. You honestly haven’t confirmed anything, all you did was rant about people without any confirmed? facts.

  5. dnirvine says:

    Too bad your to naive to realize that that’s what they all did back then. Doesn’t matter which Royal from which country. I don’t care what someone’s family did in the past as it is the present and they are not? their whole family. I know my history so don’t judge me because I am proud of my country, monarchy and all.

  6. 123theJapan says:

    I like dragon boat racing? :)

  7. 588emily says:

    they are the cutest things ever. I LOVE THEM! and? Kate is just impossibly gorgeous!

  8. Thatkeanman says:

    I think the 96% approval rate of Will and Catherine is all I need to end this argument, otherwise it’ll go on forever. Nobody likes the? monarchy? WILL AND KATE ARE MONARCHY! You have fun sitting at home knowing you’re part of that 4%.

  9. Fureyn says:

    check out the following polls: • Angus Reid May 2010, Leger Marketing May 2010, Association for Canadian Studies June 2010, Ipsos-Reid June 2010, Harris-Deciman for The Canadian Press June 2010, how to fix the? sagging popularity of the monarchy? send in the young royals with their fresh faces & designer clothes; look up to relate in the dictionary; do you see anything about racism in the definition; you have nothing more to say so you’re picking at straws

  10. Thatkeanman says:

    Go to StatsCan. Everything there is democratically regulated by the Canada’s government and its citizens. To say other races don’t relate? to the British monarchy is racist. So my black friend can’t like the Queen because he’s black?

  11. Fureyn says:

    can you give details of surveys? year? who conducted the survey? people of other ethnicities & religions don’t RELATE to? the british monarchy; nothing to do with like; don’t forget politicians go where the votes are; & that’s not between Vancouver & St Johns

  12. Thatkeanman says:

    Approval rating of the Queen as of June 1st is 75%. Will and Kate is at 92% and? the monarchy in general is 76%. Of course WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) are a minority, not that the fact has ANYTHING to do with the monarchy unless you’re saying people of other ethnicities and religions dont’t like the Queen. That’s just prejudice. PS: Of course they’re a minority, Toronto is the immigration hub of Canada. Anywhere between Toronto and Vancouver and St Johns is 95% white lol.

  13. Fureyn says:

    approval rating of queen is down; approval rating of Will/Kate is up; but it will take more than a fresh face & desinger clothes to convince me that canada needs the monarchy; in the last census in Toronto, it’s official, WASPS are now a minority; a sign of the times; the face of canada is changing; as? time goes on even Will/Kate won’t be enough; that’s just evolution

  14. Thatkeanman says:

    It’s funny because the approval rating of the Queen is at about 75% of Canadians. Let’s remember? lots of Canada is French and native, as well as foreign and immigrated. That’s to say that almost the entirety of white English speaking Canadians approve of the Queen having formal role in Canadian society. Let’s remember how us Canadians got here, we didn’t just spring out of the ground. We’re a monarchy, we always have been. Why abolish such history?

  15. mahmoud1995 says:

    Cool story? bro, just goes to show you’re a retard.

  16. Fureyn says:

    a huge role in canadian lifestyle; don’t be absurd; american tv plays a bigger role in canadian lifestyle; the Aussies have already decided that they can live without her personal symbol or patronage; read the writing on the? wall: Canada is not far behind the Aussies

  17. Thatkeanman says:

    The Queen personifies the state and is the personal symbol of allegiance, unity and authority for all Canadians. Apart from symbolism, some of her patronages? include the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Nurses’ Association, the Canadian Red Cross Society, the Royal Canadian Humane Association, and Save the Children – Canada. She is very important in Canada and plays a huge role in the Canadian lifestyle. Perhaps not politically but symbolically. After all, she IS our Queen.

  18. dalele27 says:

    So you’re basically admitting you’re? a faggot?

  19. Fureyn says:

    agreed; what other things does? she symbolize?

  20. Thatkeanman says:

    Okay, so she can hardly refuse or influence them in any way… My point still stands, she still has a role in Canadian society which is all I said. The Queen also keeps a close eye on the House of Commons to make sure everyone is behaving lawfully, especially during political events where there’s no official power in Ottawa. Example, should every party resign? concurrently, the Queen (Or Governer-General) would then be in power. Other than that she’s a huge symbol of other things.

  21. clearly914 says:


  22. GravesFilmProduction says:

    That and the royals have done a lot of other really great things. I’m? a huge fan of Diana, and really feel like my generation missed out because we were too young to appreciate what she was doing, raising awareness that Leprosy was indeed not spread through human contact. I also very much enjoy history and i just think it’s kinda cool to see some history in the making.

  23. GravesFilmProduction says:

    Well agreed, I’m an athiest so divine rule of kings isn’t my cup of tea, however, what Will and Kate stand for under a constitutional monarchy is a really great change. Compared to other royals, these newcomers are vastly more sensible, cost conscious and of course they are here to make people happy. Like Kate’s first? day in Calgary, she stopped in at the Make A Wish Foundation to meet a young girl with cancer who’s dream was to meet a “princess”. Just makes you smile.

  24. Fureyn says:

    as well, I have always thought of Albertans as a proud & free bunch; I do not subscribe to the idea of divine birthright myself; it is a notion that died centuries ago; just one of my objections to Will & Kate but I can? understand that Calgarians want to show their hospitality; I just wouldn’t choose those 2

  25. Fureyn says:

    btw it’s ma’m? not buddy;as an owner of horses (arabs) for 30 yrs,I appreciate all things equestrian;that includes the stampede;back in the day of the real cowboy, they did not race chuck wagons; if something ever happened to the chuck wagon out on the trail, there’ll be many hungry, unhappy cowpokes; they also took care of their only means of transportation (their horses); same goes for the cattle which represented an investment; it’s the city slickers who have it all wrong

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