Alaaka Trophy Black Bear Hunting 2010 Summit Viper tree stands

May 3, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Here is part of our trip from this Spring. Black Bear, Shrimp and Brown Bears all in Prince William Sound Alaska.


6 Responses to “Alaaka Trophy Black Bear Hunting 2010 Summit Viper tree stands”
  1. MyWildhunter says:

    That was a? sweet Bear sure nice coat on him .

  2. cusackla says:

    He was 6’8″ and 19 7/8″? skull. Check out the vid from 2009 just over 7′ and 21″

  3. ktmkaratechips says:

    Holy crap the bear at 2:40 is a? beast

  4. MrBearKiller says:

    good video you? guys!

  5. Hectus22 says:

    Another great video! Beautiful coat on the black bear. ? Awesome view of the Grizzlies!

  6. whiteoakoutfitters1 says:

    Really Awesome footage Louis, I need to get footage ran off on the DVD Burner. I was just messing with some of Me and Bens footage and loaded it into the computer and? converted it with a different program, thats why the clarity is horrible and the water mark is on there. Good Job, the Browns are so beautiful!

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