Amy Reports Live from London

May 21, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Ellen sent her writer, Amy, to London to report live from the Royal Wedding. Things didn’t go quite as planned.


25 Responses to “Amy Reports Live from London”
  1. mylifeismusic7 says:

    Love? the green screen!

  2. Cindyy14141 says:

    I love Amy, she is too? funnyyy

  3. jdjmacpherson says:

    Whats Amy’s full? name?

  4. bsali80 says:


  5. chaitealatte100 says:

    Wow, love it!? but green screen much ; )

  6. doubledouble55 says:

    I LOVE? AMY!

  7. IndigoCat17 says:

    Awww Amy was? invited and Ellen wasn’t hahahahhaha

  8. Alaurahpinder1990 says:

    i used to feel like it would be stuck up of me to be proud to be English but when ellen talks about England i cant help but be proud :D my fav part of the wedding was seeing the queen cry with? happiness xxxx

  9. LadyMyara says:

    the hat is? my favorite too! xD

  10. MoNaMoOzZ says:

    I? love amy! she’s adorable

  11. mikefigomike says:

    “The wedding was broadcasting? here in Los Angeles. I tried to stay up for it, and I almost made it. I…I fell asleep at 8:30″ LOL Ellen :)

  12. KaylieMcKay says:

    ahahahah oh Amy.?

  13. wakawaka12328 says:

    It would be good if ellen actually came to the wedding, then i would be bothered to? leave my house just to see her. I live like 30 minutes away from central london so it wouldn’t be a hassle.

  14. Bernster2011 says:

    I’m gay and I’d marry Amy!
    Bernie in? Sydney

  15. Charlotte1862 says:

    she? reminds me of stephanie myer :/ lol she just has that look

  16. Sexypig30 says:

    Haha she? needs a raise!!!

  17. xsarahtran says:

    LMAO i love amy!? haha

  18. athens2525 says:

    Amy….an avatar on earth… adore? her

  19. Theclowcard says:

    Prince Willams did not wear tuxedo,? Amy. LOL

  20. AngelManson1 says:

    LoL.? XD

  21. TIMxVDxSTEEN says:

    Thumbs up for? Amy

  22. maryam8898 says:

    cheer for? the ?oyal i mean Royal Wedding

  23. angeleyespp says:

    hey..? my favourite part was the hats too! LOL

  24. angelgirls1980 says:

    LOL.. who gets married at one in the morning? She is so cute. ?

  25. LanniiWasHere says:

    Someone had fun with the security guard lol? Amy!

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