(ANTI-ROYAL WEDDING SONG) Tim OT – Hats off to the blue bloods

May 30, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Ok… now i know there are alot of royalists out there who might be offended by this. I have no problem with ANYONES beliefs, people are entilted to believe what they want.. I also have no problem with two people getting married. I do have a problem with media hype, brainwashing, slavery and poverty. Thanks, and please leave feadback and check out my other stuff x


16 Responses to “(ANTI-ROYAL WEDDING SONG) Tim OT – Hats off to the blue bloods”
  1. PlanetEarthAwakens01 says:

    wooo? nice

  2. OllyTheOctopus says:


  3. topcatfella says:

    Spot on! All those who watched the Royal facade? will do well to remember that this greedy royal scum are pissing our money on a royal party. Furthermore they have s history of tyrany, oppression, enslavement and have raped other countries of their wealth!

  4. iannapp says:


  5. redjacketindiehat says:

    Haven’t had a chance to say thanks for all the kind words.

    thanks everyone,

    i played this song on the royal? wedding day in a posh pub in south east london and barely escaped with my life… ahwell fuck em! lol

    have a good day people, if you liked it, check out my other stuff

  6. xlightable says:

    BRAVO – thumbs? up!

  7. sukideni says:

    the french cut of thier heads is? that too far?

  8. rolg3 says:

    Your song is spot on – unfair wealth distribution is embedded in all political systems throughout the world – at least the UK version enables people like you and me to survive and protest peacefully – let’s continue to spread the word and eventually it will reach enough ears for the rich lazy classes to be forced to take notice and moderate their selfish wasteful ways? of life.

  9. thewewet says:

    great song..still remembering us hunger people out there under shining? blood blue wedding..thumb up for you….

  10. ruckden says:

    this is brilliant?

  11. ItsJeanHere says:

    Absolutely brilliant song! Definitely? what I needed after all this idiotic royal wedding hysteria.

  12. sgtfish360 says:

    Legend! ?

  13. callowpark says:

    Thanks for your great? antidote to the madness of this day

  14. Ralphclayton says:

    Good? :D

  15. SimplisticSusans7o67 says:

    CUNTS? !

  16. ftwlvslwtf says:

    Great voice :-) ?

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