Bishop of London’s amazing speech to William and Kate

May 16, 2012 by Chelsy  
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The speech Bishop Richard Chartres held to the royal wedding couple William and Kate in Westminster Abby friday 29th of April 2011


24 Responses to “Bishop of London’s amazing speech to William and Kate”
  1. snuggles03 says:

    That? speech was fantastic. Wow.

  2. Nicksvoiceinthewild says:


  3. ophelia0thy0mermaid says:

    I’m not sure if you are deliberately playing dumb, but I will respond anyway.. I’m sure you know of some popular songs such as “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon? or Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire”.. Fire does not mean literal fire.. but an intensity of feeling, specifically Love, the most intense experience most humans will experience. You also know the “Make Love not War” campaign? Well, it would seem then that this phrase means the exact opposite of what you think it does..

  4. 36ADT says:

    This man is an absolutely superb speaker. Fantastic that he was chosen to broadcast this sermon? to the nation and the world.

  5. jackscht says:

    SACK this scumbag piece of shit now.


  6. histrav says:

    This is,? perhaps, the greatest wedding sermon I’ve ever heard.

  7. melissawarrenx says:

    I can’t help but laugh watching this the nun wearing reebok classics!!! Hahahaha so fucking classy! …. Anyway I -3 it when the bishop says “you have both made you decision” and she looks at William and smiles. Aww.? -3

  8. bridgebloke says:

    Inspired and beautiful! great word Bishop Chartres? delivered straight from the heart and inspired by the Holy Spirit-Amen:-)

  9. Nicksvoiceinthewild says:

    You? can

  10. timothyj1966 says:

    This man is an excellent speaker. His sermon was so down to earth, easy to? understand and relevant to the way we live today… he delivered the gospel – tied it in and not in a preachy way… but a real way that people could grasp – he seems like he would be a great counsellor – he also comes across as a kind of Santa Claus in his tone.. too bad all Sunday sermons couldn’t be more like this

  11. spectrolit says:

    This man is not a? bishop in vaste! Great speech!

  12. Rockstar97321 says:

    Wed-Lock… putting love in a cage.? When will the people learn???

  13. brassspitoon says:

    A great sermon is one that keeps our attention and in content delivers the points in well constructed and easily understood language. In an age of religious illiteracy, the Bishop? delivered a message that both the faithful and the religiously indifferent alike can appreciate. A brilliant exposition of traditional Christian marriage theology but with a modern touch. The highlight of the service for me.

  14. Amar7605 says:

    The simplest of messages make the best sermons. There was no politics, no grandstanding in his speech. It was a well-thought out message that all of us can take to heart.?

  15. misschristine3451 says:

    This? man is BRILLIANT. One of the many highlights of this magical day.

  16. takomaguy says:

    Y’lnow haters are going to hate. If you have a problem with what? I wrote or with the Anglican Communion Worldwide (C of E, Episcopalians, and other Anglican Churches IN the Communion, as least express your “thoughts” coherently.

  17. willr46 says:

    A vital message not just just for William and Kate, but for the entire world. Brilliantly delivered? and very inspiring. Thank you Bishop Chartres. LOVE.


    The? word in my penultimate posting should read “underlining” and not my typo error of “underling” – Of course!


    Of course, Humankind’s Ego knows no bounds at all; just WHO are we, we tiny specks of life to impose OUR will in this endless, infinite Cosmos? Carl Sagan was no bishop, but he KNEW the true majesty beyond our feeble, petty minds and man-made religions, caprices and notions, that attempt to confine everything into a nutshell! I suggest folk look at his Small Blue Dot prose of his; and? see, that indeed, we are just passing shadows on this amazing, beautiful stage!


    This sermon was very inspired and beautifully delivered. What the Bishop of London is saying about the West is NOT an insult in any way at all. All he is underling is that NOBODY should make a God out of another human being at all, and that putting the cart before the horse will ALWAYS bring problems and even catastrophe!. The opening shot, the words of Catherine of Siena, are sublime and wonderful by? any standard:
    “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire”

  21. CazFlah says:

    Thank you for posting this part of the Royal Wedding Service.? It’s gorgeous.

  22. KeithBrandy says:

    Thank you for uploading? this video – the sermon is well worth us all taking to heart.

  23. KeithBrandy says:

    Thank you for uploading this video – the sermon? is well worth us all taking to heart.

  24. avyanez says:

    go to

    This will? get you started.

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