Blake “With Or Without You” Music Video

May 26, 2012 by Chelsy  
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International classical-pop quartet Blake has taken the music industry by storm, their unique style perfectly bridging the gap between opera and pop. With sales of more than 1 million albums under their belt, they continue to build their reputation as one of the most exciting and eclectic pop-classical bands in the world. Blake are Ollie Baines, Humphrey Berney, Stephen Bowman and Jules Knight…….four young Brits with exceptional voices and a passion for music who reunited through Facebook in 2007 and decided to form Blake. Their meteoric rise to stardom has resulted in acclaim from celebrities worldwide. In an early indication of the fame to come, Keira Knightley interrupted the recording of their debut album to say how much she loved their sound. They’ve hung out with Will Smith and Ewan McGregor has even proclaimed himself a fifth member of the band. They’ve sung for Shirley Bassey (at her 70th birthday party) and performed in front of 80000 football fans at Wembley Stadium. Within days of their formation the group was signed to a major record label and six months later they released their debut album “Blake”, which went straight to No.1 in the UK Classical Album Chart and won the prestigious Brit-Award for Album of the Year. They achieved similar chart profile and success both in 2008 with their second album “And So It Goes” and also with third album, “Together” in 2009. In addition to this string of hit albums, Blake have enjoyed triumphant tours to Australia


14 Responses to “Blake “With Or Without You” Music Video”
  1. ivannei paye says:

    you really have a GOLDEN VOICE guys…i love your band? so much…JULES KNIGHT i am a great fan of yours….

  2. philipokke says:

    hey guys!
    any link to their facebook? page?
    thanks a lot!

  3. rickyinguito says:

    love the song…you? look cute with KC :)

  4. elggreene says:

    i like the songs, good job

  5. TheHoney1209 says:

    Really Love and super like this song especially the ? original version of this song, but Great JOB for BLAKE they gave justice to this new version. very nice version . Super love their voices !!! KC Concepcion will be very lucky to have Jules knight ( BLAKE ) to have him as her man . NICE one . SUPER LIKE this version of song by BLAKE !

  6. krayzee4kc2 says:

    just? beautiful…

  7. liunesia says:

    i love you so? much guys

  8. moymoyV says:


  9. keishak says:

    i love the voices….i? love them!!!

  10. SchoolBritsChallenge says:

    really fun alternative version,? prefer U2 but good to see a harmony group covering this, nice work

  11. stevencabochan11511 says:


  12. duki9 says:


  13. arlenetkd09 says:

    awesome !
    i? love your version…

  14. kramdeth07 says:

    #1? nice song…

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