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May 6, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Video of the Royal Family including Cathering Duchess of Cambridge and William and Harry 25/12/2012


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  1. ChadTRex says:

    And I doubt that Charles has ever had to buy Camilla’s affections, so perhaps you shouldn’t use the word “whore” so liberally. None of us knows what their relationship has been like over the decades in? the same sense that none of us ACTUALLY knows the ins and outs of Charles and Diana’s marriage.

  2. ChadTRex says:

    Do you know how much it costs to run and maintain a? republic? Do you know how many residences are required by a president? How about travel? Heads of state always have been and always will be very expensive–monarch, president, dictator, parliament, congress, what have you. It’s the price we all pay for stability and/or a sense of security.

  3. 29Essan says:

    i wonder if she missed her family on Christmas day? ?

  4. ApricotsMariska says:

    Indeed, I agree with you. I’m disgusting with the repetitive mantra of “they bring in so many tourists” load of shite. People fail? to see how much these people are costing us. Most say “they only cost us 67p”, oh come on!!! There are so may hidden costs, such as travel, that ppl refuse to acknowledge. The whore Camilla’s personal home: Raymill, is costing us £2,000,000 per year and that’s not counting security. She’s not even a true royal. I’m sick of it all.

  5. ApricotsMariska says:

    Amazing how people have taken to Kate. She has that “common” touch in her that people can relate to. Then we have Camilla purposely? going up to the camera for attention – gag me!

  6. colcfc123 says:

    You lot must be mad. What a waste of? money these people are .Tell me what do they really do? Nothing they live the life Air miles Andy for example he uses helicopters like we use buses he even used one to see his Dad. We pay the bill. They are not elected there are loads of the scrounging gits on the civil list who are a waste of space. Do not give me the tourist argument people come for the history when was the last time the Queen asked a tourist in for tea? It never happens. Waste of money

  7. Madonnadevotedfan says:

    The Duchess of Cambridge gets all the attention,? and she looks stunning.

  8. swe3t23 says:

    Kate has become a royal favorite!!! Love? it

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