Charles & Diana: The Wedding of the Century Part 1

May 7, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Marking the 30th anniversary of the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and the Prince of Wales, ITV1 looks back at that day in July 1981 from the viewpoint of the other people involved.


22 Responses to “Charles & Diana: The Wedding of the Century Part 1”
  1. RoyalLadybird says:

    Are you bloody stupid? If Camilla wanted to marry Charles so badly as you put it, she would have had to wait for him to get out of the military before he could marry. What did Camilla do whilst Charles was in the Military? Shagging Andrew Parker Bowles and subsequently marrying him while Charles was away.? SHE COULDN’T”T HAVE MARRIED HIM EVEN IF SHE WERE DEEMED WORTHY AND SUITABLE BACK THEN, BECAUSE THE WHORE WAS ALREADY MARRIED! LEARN YOUR HISTORY YOU FUCKWIT!

  2. cherylannemason says:

    Diana’s dress was great for its time, but Kate’s? for my way of thinking will stand the test of time better.

  3. jasminlaflamme says:

    LMAO 5:42 “He was drop dead eligible” notice how it’s not? “drop? dead gorgeous”? hehe :)

  4. jasminlaflamme says:

    I agree, honestly… Diana’s dress is ugly to me. I much prefer Kate’s dress; not saying Diana herself isn’t beautiful, because she is! And her wonderful heart makes her even moreso beautiful…. but Diana’s dress, while soooo elegant and lavish is just too 80′s looking! I think if her sleeves were slender, even with the fluff around the? collar would have made it a perfect dress. Diana’s dress is much more flattering around the waist than Kate’s dress (might be a body figure difference too).

  5. jasminlaflamme says:

    I would flip it the other way: not “If Camilla kept out of it” but rather if Camilla was allowed to marry? Charles! SURE, I am sure they wouldn’t have had as good looking children as William/Harry but it’s very clear that Camilla and Charles love each other; I dunno… I feel a little sad for them. So much lost time, years… heartache. I betcha Camilla and Charles would be a life-long couple, seeing especially that they got married in their later years…

  6. lilith74able says:

    I never understood why people claim Diana was so extraordinary beautiful – and who cares anyway? She was a pretty but ordinary looking girl and from what I understand a fairly ordinary person as well, with the same problems as most people have. The royal family is weird, cold and un-loving, but thats no news,? is it?

  7. Liamay1001 says:

    A lovely girl who wanted so badly? to be loved by the man she loved.She could stay and take advantage of her top position like most of women would have done but she was so humble and all she wanted was happiness.

  8. Kuroneko822 says:

    I see nothing wrong with that comment. Not their taste in? style of dress, so what? “Diana still looked beautfiful”!

  9. DianasGracefulLegacy says:

    I thought that too. Poor Diana stretched out to kiss him,? the bloody prick! William has his mothers big heart and loads of consideration for Kate. Something his selfish father lacks tremendously. Prince Charles disgusts me!

  10. 86Mikaila says:

    At 9.14, the lady in blue beside Princess Diana was Grace Kelly,? Princess of Monaco.

  11. Liamay1001 says:

    Aww Diana almost broke her to kiss that man but her son bowed so respectful to kiss his wife.Such a big difference between? grooms!

  12. cupcakefairy87 says:

    Wowww…Princess Diana looked so beautiful on her wedding day. Pity she married an ungrateful prick like? Charles who obviously likes horse-faced ugly women as his type.

  13. OneStylishGent says:

    I hope Cowmilla burns in hell. I’m more than disgusted that the Queen awarded the whore with the ‘Dames Grand Cross’ title. Camilla has never done anything worthy of such an honour. If anyone ever was?? entitled to such a prestigious honour, it was Princess Diana, she was a tireless humanitarian and loved the world over.

  14. OneStylishGent says:

    Jealous much? You have an? ugly soul.

  15. Maasdam1993 says:

    Finally a good observation of there relation. I? agree completely with you.

  16. Cindy Lime says:

    @2291morris She must? be describing herself the bitch and hater!

  17. 2291morris says:

    Bitch Please!!!! are u describing yourself instead of? Princess Diana????

  18. LyricalXilence says:

    I completely agree, I don’t like David Emmanuel, his wife is more tolerable. But to be such a pompous a** over a dress that? was quite ugly is annoying; He and his wife failed, Diana is the person who made it work.

  19. LyricalXilence says:

    Diana and Charles had much worst probelms than Camilla, they never should have gotten married, they were the most incompatible people in the world. An adult, educated worldly prince and a? pretty, naive, empty headed high school drop out tend not to last too long.

  20. LyricalXilence says:

    That was a gawd awful dress. Even without the wrinkles, it was just a monstrosity and everything wrong with the 80′s. Despite? the dress Diana still looked beautiful.

  21. cleanlittlemexi says:

    I find it quite ironic that the designer is so proud about his dress, when just a few years later, Diana herself said she thought it was an terrible looking dress. But it the long run, it’s the power behind the? dress, not the actual dress that awes me.

  22. MagsandIzzy says:

    If Cowmilla Parker Bowels had kept out of it Charles and Diana might have made a go of it. I will never ever forgive this ghastly woman. I hope she is never going to be queen.?

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