Charles & Diana: The Wedding Of the Century Part 2

May 21, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Marking the 30th anniversary of the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and the Prince of Wales, ITV1 looks back at that day in July 1981 from the viewpoint of the other people involved.


21 Responses to “Charles & Diana: The Wedding Of the Century Part 2”
  1. CattyoneLovesU says:

    The dress wasn’t “hideous”, it was actually very gorgeous. Have you? ever seen it in real life? It’s extraordinary! Covered in seed pearls and tiny diamonds. Very intricate, though the sleeves were a bit puffy, that was how it was meant to look for that era.

  2. CattyoneLovesU says:

    LOL!! Wasn’t Charles a romantic gentleman by inviting his shag? I can’t imagine how that felt when Diana locked eyes on the Rottweiler. it must? have been heartbreaking and a huge dishonour for her husband to be to do. He’s extremely self-centred and disgusts me to my very core.

  3. cupcakefairy87 says:

    He lied in? all of his vows.

  4. MsPelicanus says:

    Who invited the? Rottweiler???

  5. MsPelicanus says:

    The dress was a mess.? It desperately
    needed an iron

  6. GAMOM2 says:

    no,? you are not alone – crumpled kleenex is what it looked like to me but God Bless Diana – she could make nearly anything lovely :) May God rest her soul.

  7. sarahicca says:

    I know what you mean.
    But it was the 80′s, and fashion was completely? different from the fashion today, so back then it was really beautiful and extraordinary.
    Today, it just isn’t.

  8. doubtingJulia says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the dress was hideous?

    I guess so… never? mind.

  9. maranara says:

    sounds a lot like “lights – ellie? goulding”

  10. alttab7890 says:

    Crazy isn’t it? is tru what? u much heart acke,but she LOVED her kids….

  11. alttab7890 says:

    OMG!!! beautiful!!….but what a pitty that? things went so wrong for Princess Diana……

  12. badeesh says:

    who knows the? music name at the beggining??

  13. firmingitup says:

    That guy did a fabulous job of getting those wrinkles out of that? dress.

  14. firmingitup says:

    Virgin or no virgin, she was, isn’t and will never be suitable to be? a queen.

  15. Greekgrlzdoitbetta says:

    Charles:”You look wonderful.”
    Diana:”Wonderful 4 u!”
    It should have been.
    Had Camilla not had pre-marital sex, then she would have been considered suitable 2 marry Charlie, & history as we know it would have been very different! Then again, without Charles & Diana there’d be? no Wills, & he definitely was worth all the heartache in the end 4 she adored her sons.

  16. badeesh says:

    00:01? is she said fucking? !!

  17. guidguidtomnoddy says:

    Prince? Edward

  18. badeesh says:

    this is? prince charles brother .. but i dont know his name search it in google

  19. iT3chnik says:

    Does someone know the name of the boy? at 13:14?

  20. merseywhogirl says:

    I was 16 and it was early in the morning in Canada…My mum dad and I watched it all LIVE from about 4 am….that day I had a job summer job interview. I got the job. I too was caught up in the ‘magic’ of it all…seems rather quaint? now.

  21. alanheath3 says:

    My recollection was also that of listening to someone’s radio. ? I remember distinctly the commentator enthralled about the dress.

    Like 30 years later, I was unable to get into the Mall until it was too late. In thirty years time I will need to think of a better plan!

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