Chaser Royal Wedding – Betfair Wedding Song

May 14, 2012 by Chelsy  
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22 Responses to “Chaser Royal Wedding – Betfair Wedding Song”
  1. Move2DaBaSS says:

    Why didnt they play? skrillex :(

  2. impalax327 says:

    More pure genius from those mad cap chaser boys..ahhh.
    Where do they get it from? It’s all gold!
    Thank god it’s not some puerile rehashed garbage like we get from a lot of tired “one trick pony” comedy teams that are a waste? of production money and attract NO audience.
    Keep it coming chaser!!

  3. Mattehfication says:

    like if you just googled/youtubed ‘west end cast of puppetry of the penis’? after this XD

  4. AbhishekMurudkar says:

    .? com / why spend money on feeding your family

  5. WeaselWJ says:

    Me? too.

  6. WeaselWJ says:


  7. Ultimatepanzer says:

    @THEBIGCAGEY i’m bored?

  8. Ultimatepanzer says:


  9. Ultimatepanzer says:

    @THEBIGCAGEY? cripple

  10. Ultimatepanzer says:


  11. cch79124 says:

    wedding was on friday. had to be? rebecca black

  12. Ultimatepanzer says:


  13. RyanORLY says:

    whyspendmoneyonfeedingyourfamily? fuckin hilarious

  14. Ultimatepanzer says:

    @THEBIGCAGEY? Exactly, so i’m the best!

  15. Ultimatepanzer says:

    @THEBIGCAGEY Jelly coz I got? first comment?

  16. Ultimatepanzer says:

    @THEBIGCAGEY XD? u be mad!

  17. Ultimatepanzer says:

    @THEBIGCAGEY hahahaha urmad.?

  18. Ultimatepanzer says:

    @THEBIGCAGEY lol umad.?

  19. WeaselWJ says:


  20. Ultimatepanzer says:

    No… I… Dear.?

  21. KECKOZI says:

    quite,? quite indeed. I rather hat talking oh so polite right now, oh I feel like plutting a fuck. WTF did I just say?

  22. Ultimatepanzer says:

    First!? UMAD?!

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