Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Interview – Michael Gambon

May 22, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Interview with Michael Gambon, who plays Albus Dumbledore in HP6.. Enjoy Watching! =) Please rate, comment, fav and subscribe! =) NOTE: i do not own the video. It belongs to Warner Bros.


24 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Interview – Michael Gambon”
  1. EzioHanitore says:

    click on cc.? click on transcribe audio. soo funny

  2. Schwippps says:

    i don’t think so, i think harris has the eyes of Albus Dumbledore? like the ones in the Book;)He also moves more like Ablus DUmbledore not like a cat on crack like Micheal Gambon:D

  3. starmax217 says:

    albus…just one? word:respect!

  4. DofusLifeServer says:

    I have nothing against any of them, but I liked more Gambon? as Dumbledore.

  5. Schoening91 says:

    I somewhat agree with the comments.. He is a Great actor no doubt, and puts allot of energy into the role ! The problem is.. that’s not how Dumbledore is in the Books! His suffering goes inside and doesn’t? show directly.. I am not a big fan of the latest movies, and Gambon is doing a great job in a bad written franchise. If you have read the books you would know how insanely powerful Dumbledore is! The movie makes him look weak, even though he is by far stronger than even Voldemort.

  6. jonvegard31 says:

    true. i have no idea how he is in the? book, but michael gambon gives him some enthusiasm and movement, instead of richard harris(rest in peace) who just stood there and talked in a soothing voice. now michael gambon’s voice is quite calming as well

  7. arabiancandybar says:

    That guy looks like a? country music singer.

  8. MrSammylinda says:

    old man awwwwww hes abaslooty amazing i love the bow in his gray beard lololol xoxoxoxoxox luve ya?

  9. MymemoriezZ says:

    You’re? right. But remember: Without the viewers, the actors is nothing.

  10. elisewendelburg says:

    I luv tha bow? in his beard :)

  11. yongsua1989 says:

    I prefer Harris because he? really has the kind looks.He can speak with raspy and cracky voice which Gambon can’t.Besides,he also can speak in a sentimental and emotional way just like in the “Chamber of Secret” when he introduced Fawkes to Harry and asked Death Eater to helps those who ask for help in Hogwarts before he? resigned himself.Harris really portrayed real Dumbledore.But,of course I think Gambon can do better in duelling action.

  12. Velasca says:

    Then? David Yates should get a foot up his arse for it.

  13. chopchop8916 says:

    I think I prefer Gambon as Dumbledore…nothing agaisnt Harris but I just liked Gambon? as Dumbledore more.
    And to those all like ‘Dumbledore was different in GoF! It’s Gambons fault!’ it’s not Gambon who decides how the character is written in!

  14. chopchop8916 says:

    It’s the? directors who decide what the characters are like, and how they are written…well I think it is…I am not good with that stuff, but he was written in that way!

  15. Samsis2 says:

    David Yates wanted Gambon to be a more emotional, edgy Dumbledore as the films progressed and became darker. It’s the director who? dictates those kinds of reactions usually and the mood of a scene, not the actors.

  16. stella4500 says:


  17. Velasca says:

    People are hating on him because he does not portray the real Dumbledore at all. There are no? excuses for running towards Harry like a lunatic and shaking him and shouting.

  18. Samsis2 says:

    I like Gambon’s Dumbledore…he had to step into a difficult position, after Harris? died, so not sure why people are hating on him. His scenes with Snape, and McGonagall, are wonderful. I love all the adult (veteran) actors in the Harry Potter films.

  19. KingGhidorah5464 says:

    i’d be shocked if anyone? hadn’t noticed. before the third film people weren’t dying all the time

  20. MrDso09 says:

    The ideal dumbledore is a combination of the two, yes. However, Harris’ demeanor as dumbledore is just SO goood! He really makes you feel like dumbledore is so wise beyond all others and two steps ahead (which is what dumbledore truly is}. and Harris would have been fine in the voldemort duel, although more frail and slow they would have found a way for him to utilize magic in a way to hold of voldemort.? It probably would have been a lot more badass seeing him thwart fire charms and shit.

  21. jablkovastrudla says:

    No, I mean period. Why should I say? full stop? I am neither British nor American so I can use whatever word I want and I like period more :-) The movies and the books are so much different, like two different worlds and two different stories, haven’t you noticed? You cannot even compare them. But okay, if you like Harris, like him. I don’t. And that’s it.

  22. charlieiscool1000 says:

    You mean Full stop! FFS and i repeat gambon is nothing like the Character of dumbeldore he is a great respected actor in his own right but many Potter fans were displeased with his over the top and rather agressive portrale of dumbeldore like in the Goblet of fire when he grabs harry and shacks him that is somthnig that would Never happen in the books or should happen in? the films it proves he hadn’t
    bothered to really read the books and it looks like you havnt either and dont insult Harris.

  23. jablkovastrudla says:

    It is not about the looks..I don’t care how Dumbledore is supposed to look or what he is supposed to wear according to the book. I liked Gambon more because Harris seemed to me like a cold man with no emotions towards Harry. In Harris’s voice I felt nothing, neither in his acting..he seemed to me like an emotionless robot. And Gambon was? the right opposite. In Gambon’s voice you can hear that he cares for Harry. And that is why he was the real Dumbledore for me. Period.

  24. charlieiscool1000 says:

    Um sorry but WTF if u look at the back of the first book u will that harris Looked Exactly like dumbeldore is suppose to be from the Books gambon is far too rough and nothing like the character gambon is a great actor but dont go off insulting the Real dumebledore who is and always be Richard harris michael gambon did not even look lke dumbledfore hes suppose to always wear his? half moon glases and robes he almost looked like a tramp in the other films.

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