Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Walkthrough Part 11 – Learning Levicorpus and Quidditch Practice

May 27, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Guide for NextGenWalkthroughs Played on Xbox 360, but guide can be used for the PS3, PS2, and PC versions as well. Maybe even the Wii… Ok, this part is just showing off some basic stuff. First, it’s just showing how to get to the Transfiguration Courtyard (with thanks to Hermione) and then a little dueling action with the Ravenclaw dueling team. After that, it goes on to some practicing of the sport called Quidditch. Really exciting stuff. Stay tuned for the rest of the walkthrough. Hope your enjoying it thus far and hope it’s helpful. Comments and feedback appreciated.


25 Responses to “Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Walkthrough Part 11 – Learning Levicorpus and Quidditch Practice”
  1. DobbyNeverMeant2Kill says:

    y is it that in almost evry level, u hav 2 follow? a girl but u can’t PLAY as 1? tha’s messed up

  2. BlueCoolSc says:

    watch the video again and youll see it? you cant

  3. Spartanm333 says:

    why dont he just hit? him with expeliarmus when hes upside down

  4. AdelinaStablein says:

    Woah, My family and I just? can’t believe Harry Potter 7 was leaked on the web! Watch it now on watchharrypotter. us

  5. mypicture2 says:

    imagine? casting levicorpus on Voldemort LOL

  6. PhoebeaBethea says:

    Wonderful, My family and I can not believe Harry Potter 7 had been leaked out? on the net! Look at it now in watch harrypotter.us (no spaces)

  7. TheToyreviewer24 says:

    haha? the hufflepuff student you fought looks like a young joe jonas

  8. adrianglooo says:

    aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!? stupid voice!

  9. DigimonRoy says:

    I got this game today, and i am at this? part!!
    I must say its a great game!
    Especially the potion making is cool

  10. thea682 says:

    im stuck on this part where there are these firework boxes and boxs? with dog bombs… I have no idea what to do!!!

  11. mitchelscott says:

    looks exactly the same as ps2 lol? almost

  12. mitchelscott says:

    looks exactly the same? as ps2 lol

  13. bmxer19ful says:

    just a hint i learned on the order of the pheonix if u want the staircase to go a? certain way just lean on the side u want it to go its alot faster

  14. punchbuggy981 says:

    hey people it dosent realy matter if he talks cuz it would b realy? boring if he didnt talk

  15. pokemon918 says:

    please do that walkthrough. and commentate it too?

  16. JckSpeeda12 says:

    go to the paved courtyard(once u beat the game hit pause and choose the? paved courtyard on the “where is..” list

  17. McEntro14 says:

    i? hate the stairs

  18. PurePwnage715 says:

    how do you unlock petrificus totalus? on single player?

  19. Lawriz97 says:

    i? like how in this game you dont have to do quests for the portraits to get their paswords unlike in the order of the phoenix

  20. swallowthedark says:

    black and yellow man?

  21. rickymiami1 says:

    hufflepuff’s color? is yellow

  22. lolmanboom says:

    bronze and umm…yellow? or something

  23. KyraThomas100 says:

    im on? the wii it is much harder on the wii though but im on my sisters account right now dont feel like switching

  24. soulsilverlover63 says:


  25. SteamBoy11 says:

    What are hufflepuffs? colours??

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