Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Walkthrough Part 14 – Antidote for Love Sick Ron; Quidditch Practice

May 28, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Guide for NextGenWalkthroughs Played on Xbox 360, but guide can be used for the PS3, PS2, and PC versions as well. Maybe even the Wii… This video shows you how to make the antidote to counteract the love potion ron took. After that is some more Quidditch practicing..


24 Responses to “Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Walkthrough Part 14 – Antidote for Love Sick Ron; Quidditch Practice”
  1. SunshineHorsey229 says:

    I had a choice of Half-Blood Prince or Order o/the Phoenix games. Order all the? way! Anyways, I love in H-BP When Harry says to Lupin ‘You’re normal! You just have a….. problem!

  2. masterassassin11000 says:


  3. masterassassin11000 says:


  4. starwarz2468 says:

    actually, it? is a cauldron. not a pot

  5. BimberMistrz says:

    Mah boi!?

  6. lucaspotter2010 says:

    what’s happend to? Wenby? 0:08

  7. Crotoed says:


  8. piotrek8890 says:

    That game isint that good potion making dueling and quidditch practice for the nearly entire? game

  9. PammieHewitt09 says:

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  10. LyndoniSeiler says:

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  11. AdrianeHinton08 says:

    The latest Harry Potter movie ended up being phenomenal! My sister and I? just noticed it leaked online. We found the film on watchharrypotter.us

  12. TheToyreviewer24 says:

    why did harry throw slim jims? in the antidote lol jk

  13. TheToyreviewer24 says:

    get the game if you want to hear the? cutscenes

  14. EmilChuck says:

    This is a “walkthrough” – this means the author tries to explain how to beat the game. If it was a “gameplay” then you could? shout at him that he speaks during cutscenes.

  15. Jistga says:

    Thank you,? for that.

  16. mamdigi says:

    Stop talking in cutscenes,some people get irritated?

  17. xxYumiHeartxx says:

    Oh God. Does anyone else burst out laughing at 2:55 when Harry goes berserk and knocks the potions bottles everywhere? XD I know he’s grabbing the bezoar, but for? some reason it looks hilarious to me.
    Nice video.

  18. StreetzGrimeLyfe says:

    tooo? late for that

  19. shannyishere says:

    gah I hated this game, the gameplay was weak, the story followed the movie too much instead of the books, the characters looked awful and? the game was only about three hours long

  20. Mikeyski4 says:

    Next game is going to be sick.


    I can’t wait? to see how they do the hogwarts battle. That’ll be sick.

  21. LirryBrooks says:

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  22. lolmanboom says:

    was that cinnamon??

  23. Engiepengie says:

    wemby lol?

  24. theskyisfalling100 says:

    bloody? yank. its HARRY not HAIRY potter

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