Hilarious Royal Wedding Rant – From BBC Radio

May 2, 2012 by Chelsy  
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A phone in caller gets rather hot under the collar about the Royal Wedding. As heard on the JVS Show with Jonathan Vernon-Smith, BBC Three Counties Radio, Weekdays mornings from 9-12. And not forgetting – Angry Melvin


23 Responses to “Hilarious Royal Wedding Rant – From BBC Radio”
  1. MrUffam says:

    Nice one Melvin, you make me realise I’m actually sane! Just remember, the 60pence a year it costs you to keep the Monarchy is incredibly good value for money. We have a Queen that is the most experienced head of state in the world, or would you sooner have a Puppet President like a lot of other countries! At the end? of the day it costs just as much to keep a President in office as it does a Monarch – if not more!

  2. marionetemanJ says:

    Do you know that Christianity? is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus? Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  3. RedZHunter says:

    @androzani7 how could watching two pompous twats restore? anyones faith in the UK?

  4. FreedomFighterUK says:

    How can you get so wound-up about a wedding?? You are not forced to watch. You live in a democracy. All this republican can do is make noises and shout, calm down you childish tosser. Sounded as if he was aboout in tears. What a cunt. Fuck republicans. you’ll never have a republic, move to the US if you want that bollocks.

  5. thehoosierfortheUK says:

    @mcmiller53 (continuing) (most likely) a spoiled daddy’s girl brat who probably can’t even dress herself gets all of this awesome recognition and honor just for looking pretty and she’s all high and mighty; just wait until you? start getting old Kate!

  6. thehoosierfortheUK says:

    @mcmiller53 I was thinking the same thing: Kate has contributed absolutely NOTHING to society or this world. There are doctors who had hard lives that? just discovered newer and safer operations and medications and they’re treated indifferently, Vietnam vets, and firefighters and police officers and EMS who save lives and put their own lives on hold and people are like “Eh.” But (most likely) a spoiled daddy’s girl brat who probably can’t even dress herself gets married and gets all of this awe

  7. mcmiller53 says:

    The media is so blind about how deeply useless the whole monarchy is and have had a belly full. Enough already. What a waste of taxpayer money and effort. And the fabulous Kate has contributed what, exactly since coming? on board? A trip to Canada and California (!)? Get ‘em off the stage. You rock, Melvin!

  8. androzani7 says:

    The royal wedding was a great event … it’s the first time Britain has seemed alive and kicking? for a long time! There’s a lot of haters on YouTube; surprisingly, given the popularity of the wedding itself. I guess the grumpy ones are most in need of letting off steam. A great occasion which renewed many people’s faith in the country …. too bad you couldn’t join in Melvin!

  9. lvivboi says:

    It makes it funnier that he was called? ‘Melvin’. Ridiculous. Why make a fuss about something so apparently trivial?

  10. InTimeAllMustChange says:

    Ohhhh yes he? does.

  11. ComicPenius says:

    Fuck royalty.?

  12. voltini1982 says:

    fake laughing and mockery of anti wedding caller……..bbc proganda …very? dangerous

  13. Jaoric says:

    No? he doesn’t.

  14. InTimeAllMustChange says:

    Melvin sounds like? a brainless moron.

  15. 2007salisburym says:

    The wedding cost the taxpayer £10 million, and according to VisitBritain it will bring in £2bn to the economy in the next few years, whilst on the day it brought in £500m extra trade to? Shops and Pubs. It was a good investment for the British economy.

  16. spackhollogay says:

    Times are hard, so? let’s give the workers a day off, and spend taxpayers’ money on their wedding!

  17. 2007salisburym says:

    Oh get over yourselves all you small-minded Republicans. Times are hard and the wedding was a welcome distraction, god knows we need cause for celebration at the moment.

    I’m? not a staunch royalist, but the royals bring in more money for the country than they cost us & are respected around the world.

    So just lighten up,? noone can honestly say that if they were born into the royal family they’d abdicate and slum it out in the council estates with the rest of us.

    Take your hypocrisy elsewhere.

  18. wapbamboowee says:

    Melvin? is a genius lol

  19. davetista says:

    Fuck the? royal wedding! It was a bigger load of BS than octomom’s baby experiment, Anna Nicole Smith’s death, and the first appearance of the word “Brangelina” COMBINED!! Well, maybe it’s a tie… lol

  20. maattttt says:

    Melvin is my hero?

  21. riviera833 says:

    What a bunch of miserable gits you all are. What’s up – is it not British enough to find a wedding? offensive and not worthy of a good moan?

  22. xxxAliBabexxxx says:

    what a? ledge

  23. Christmasman11 says:

    angry melvin :) ?

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