HQ -Full Scene- Ron Weasley is ‘in love’ with Romilda Vane (Half Blood Prince)

May 29, 2012 by Chelsy  
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watch even if you hate harry potter… if you want =) – so a couple of months ago i started reading the harry potter series. then, i watched all the movies and as when i saw this i almost DIED laughing (no seriously i was sick and i had a really bad cough and i was chocking) i love ron hes just so funny =))) no copyright infrigment intended


23 Responses to “HQ -Full Scene- Ron Weasley is ‘in love’ with Romilda Vane (Half Blood Prince)”
  1. putyourheartsup13 says:

    Could never pick a favorite character. I made a list. But the number 1 spot was occupied by 2. FRED AND GEORGE? WEASLEY!!!!!!! RIP Fred Weasley RIP… OR come back to life!!!!! lol.

  2. tvbx520 says:

    Thank you, Ronald, for? bringing your lovely humor into eight wonderful movies. <3

  3. olgalo17 says:

    2:08 hello darling ahahahahaha Oh? RON <3

  4. aja222 says:

    hahahaha i laughed out loud at this!?

  5. PantherMistress88 says:

    XD Talk? about being drunk on love

  6. SunshineHorsey229 says:

    My favourite character? is Lupin.

  7. TheGohanGirl says:


  8. TheGohanGirl says:

    ron? seems drunk! fave character RON!

  9. superbassteen says:

    @meryldepp You dare hug? me? Fifty points from Gryffindor.

  10. kikithefawn says:

    Draco? + Luna

  11. jocherp8 says:


  12. driiiizzle says:

    romilda? plays a annoying, bitchy teenager in hollyoaks. but she looks so much more attractive here for some reason

  13. 0Telamon0 says:


  14. sebuniversidad says:

    my favorite charecters: Ron, Neville, Luna, Hermione and Ginny. Favorite hogwarts staff: Snape, McGonogalll, Lupin and Mad eye Moody ?

  15. laeviosa says:

    Anyone knows? what’s the name of the song played in this scene?!?

  16. laeviosa says:

    yeeeeehh I’m agree with you ;) What’s the name of this song????!?! It’s not present in the soundtracks album!!! It’s beautiful!! Help? us!!!

  17. Shanethefilmmaker says:

    Anyone notice that most of the potions consumed in this series are? equal in reaction to narcotics? For example love potion judging by Ron’s Face is Ecstasy.

  18. juliia912 says:

    my? favourite charakter is luna (:
    she’s brilliant *.* ?
    love her <3

  19. Peacepuppy5 says:

    “Ok fine you love her! have you ever actually met her?!”
    “No..Can you introduce me?”?

  20. cheeseiscool6 says:

    the one played in the? background?

  21. cheeseiscool6 says:

    does anyone know the name of this? song?

  22. CannedKoolaid says:

    I am also in love with Romilda Vane. Shes darn good looking?

  23. GuessWhoo0o says:

    Whats that song? at the of the dormitories scene?
    is it in the soundtrack?

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