Joel Veitch’s Royal Wedding Video

May 12, 2012 by Chelsy  
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@RatherGood’s take on Kate and Will’s wedding plans.


25 Responses to “Joel Veitch’s Royal Wedding Video”
  1. andremp03 says:

    ‘Some people are even having to live on Waitrose? Basics’ hahahahahaha

  2. TurtleOfDoom98 says:

    You shouldn’t question others beliefs
    If that is what they want to believe let them? believe it

  3. krissboo says:

    That? was shit. Almost as bad as the real wedding is going to be!!

  4. MrPointless says:

    This is just lame? enough to be really funny XD

  5. StanziChannel says:

    lol? Prince Harry :L

  6. justdi123 says:

    That prince Harry’s? rough-lol

  7. Ajokeuk says:


  8. molelikeshole says:


  9. therubiorubio says:

    lmao i havnt? seen rathergood for aaaaages

  10. joshp0093 says:

    You? know there is no god?

  11. miblington says:

    Quite agree. this is really silly and good fun. . . and enjoyable. made? me chuckle happily!. . .

  12. kazooga1234 says:

    lmao this is so freaking funny i love how awesomely twisted? it is as well and ha bisky upload

  13. ThatGuyWithThePenis says:

    Isnt the queen royal for you ??

  14. GSW12345 says:

    haha I dont why there are so many haters…? this is hilarious…

  15. MrDelusionalPenguin says:


  16. retroSLEDGE says:

    Hahaha, Rather? Good isn’t to everyone’s taste. Always makes me chuckle anyway.

  17. miblington says:

    Absolutely spiffing! Well done. .? .

  18. bobflyman says:

    First BBC Comedy vid I’ve found funny for? a good while.

  19. plptous says:

    Keys to a lasting happy marriage r from God
    Love ‘agape’ a perfect bond of union. Together pray, read God’s Word, go where it is taught. Proverbs3:5, 6 John17:3 Galatians5:22 Hebrews10:24,25.
    Respect ‘giving consideration to’ honoring, speak, listen to, and reserve time for each other James1:19 Romans12:10 1Peter3:7 Ephesians5:33 Philippians2:4
    Be always as loyal friend very gracious & forgiving Colossians4:6 Colossians3:13 It is important to say the right? thing in the right way Proverbs25:11

  20. plptous says:

    Heed! Let’s take notice of [The END] our time_ Mathew24:36-39
    There are real understandings and hope profusely in? God’s Word, the Bible:
    The world is managed_ 1John5:19 Revelation12:7-12
    Major +/- occurrences_ Mathew24:7,8,10-14,21,22
    Predicted changes in People’s behaviors_ 2Timothy 3:1-5
    The True God will act soon_ Revelation16:13,14 Daniel2:44
    We too must act so to be saved_ Revelation18:4 Zephaniah2:3 John17:3 Mathew6:9-11,33,34 Mark13:13
    A New World, at hand Psalm37:9-11 2Peter3:8-13

  21. baka7dogo says:

    contine you the crazy british? banter YER blimey blook……in other words
    CAN you make more clay mation

  22. baka7dogo says:

    contine you the crazy british banter YER blimey blook……in other words
    CAN? you make more claymation

  23. JoZzAHD says:

    this is shit.?

  24. baka7dogo says:

    Damn yoooooooooou.?? taooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  25. Melaisis says:

    Damn yoooooooooou.?

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