Kate and William: A Royal Love Story part 2/2

May 6, 2012 by Chelsy  
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This was shown on The Beeb on 25 April 2011, not the TLC documentary of the nearly identical name. Narrated by Keeley Hawes.


8 Responses to “Kate and William: A Royal Love Story part 2/2”
  1. 1302Viv says:

    Oh yes.But I think the worst it that this sweet girl has cancer,not that? she has confused William with Harry :/
    I don’t think anyone would think bad about it,she’s a little girl.

  2. kiwilover01 says:

    the one who called prince william, prince harry in the? interview!

  3. 1302Viv says:

    9:17 greek? channel ERT.
    Amazing to see that!

  4. 1302Viv says:

    Haha,he? pinched her bottom.Love how simple and in love they are!

  5. 1302Viv says:

    Which? girl?

  6. kiwilover01 says:

    hahha how? embarressed would you be if you were that little girl!

  7. 91LisaLou says:

    ‘I’m obviously extremely funny and she loves that’ — cue laughter from Kate

    Such a cute? couple!!! :)

  8. cococahoo says:

    florence and? the machine!!

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