Kate and William- Some news since their wedding

May 8, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Since April 29th, the life of the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton has changed. But what have they become since then? They spent their honeymoon in a very discreet place in the Seychelles. They live in Anglesey, trying to lead a “normal” life, even though their royal duties have already started… Music: Written in the Stars (instrumental version)- Tinie Tempah


13 Responses to “Kate and William- Some news since their wedding”
  1. clydexfreddie says:

    2:12 pout
    2:23? maniac eyes

  2. halwarahash says:

    ??? ??????? ???

  3. missgoldengirl18 says:

    2:12? – 2:14 kate looks so like pippa ;D

  4. idoles4ever says:

    LOL! That’s a cool? coincidence^^!

  5. xRunningWild14x says:

    I was searching this couple on youtube and laughed so hard when i realised you made this video because? I watch you’re mentalist videos too! :)

  6. AWSRWS72 says:

    thx so much? for letting me know

  7. idoles4ever says:

    It’s the instrumental? version of Tinie Tempah “Written in the Stars”:)

  8. AWSRWS72 says:

    What is the name of this? song please.. thx

  9. idoles4ever says:

    @mshells06 You’re? welcome:)

  10. idoles4ever says:

    Thank? you:)

  11. mymyn34 says:

    LOVELY VIDEO? :-) nice remembers

  12. idoles4ever says:

    Yes, they are:)
    Thanks a? lot for your comment!

  13. MoiKitty23 says:

    They’re really cute
    Cute video and the song? is really lovely, too

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