Lisa’s Royal Wedding Vlog

May 29, 2012 by Chelsy  
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25 Responses to “Lisa’s Royal Wedding Vlog”
  1. danielledg93 says:

    I? was working at the royal wedding :)
    I was placed at Horse Guards Parade :D
    I’m a police cadet in Barking & Dagenham, i also attended one of the Queen’s garden parties :3

  2. MAA6988 says:

    LOL? ^.^

  3. pruplemango says:

    I was already at Diana and? Charles’ wedding (along with all of London), but I would have liked to be at Will and Kate’s!

  4. totisAndkochi says:

    The whole bad accent thing is for? laughs :)

  5. Gummibearlolz says:

    Lisa and Shane! Or? me and shane… Sry lisa

  6. 1234CANDYROCKS says:

    This isn’t a sterotype you retards. She’s trying to make jokes. Oh and u probly do sound like that u just? don’t relise. I’m Canadian.

  7. MarilyHearts says:

    It’s supposed to be? stereotypical. That’s the joke.

  8. lara huss says:


  9. umakemesmile33 says:

    YOU’RE? cute!

  10. ixbounceix says:

    Darn* :/?

  11. ixbounceix says:

    Guys do we really speak like that?
    Oh and us in? the UK we didn’t really give a barn about the royal wedding :)

  12. alantheactionguy says:

    I live in a small town next to Torrance that? no one’s ever heard of!

  13. RoxxstarGirl says:

    Adam LAAAMBERT? ;D if he will marry :D

  14. MANCHAZ333 says:

    So stereotypical not all british speak like? that its just all u americans do a FUCKING bad english accent ):(

  15. Akeisharoxz says:

    No there? not!

  16. minipunkin101 says:

    ewww why would she? marry shane dawson there cusin

  17. ennylekalb says:

    I was in London a month before the wedding and it seemed like the only ones that cared were the? street vendors.

  18. mouseandpie says:

    And yeah we don’t speak? like that but it’s funny :D

  19. mouseandpie says:

    They? got married on my birthday

  20. BeYou2305 says:

    we dont speak like? that……..i think…

  21. TheAmimies says:

    I wanna? see Onision and Draculoh’s wedding

  22. TanaMeken5 says:

    Why do Americans? think that Kate was a commoner untill she got married to William?-She wasn’t! she was a fucking Dutchess being payed over a billion pounds a second to sit on her boney,scaley arse all day!

  23. TheRocknrollqueen19 says:


  24. hellomynameismercy says:

    Im british and were really not? that posh! LOL

    just the royal family talkin like they got a stick up there arse ha

  25. nigelpje00 says:

    I love? kate +eight :D

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