Prince Harry home from Afghanistan

May 14, 2012 by Chelsy  
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14 Responses to “Prince Harry home from Afghanistan”
  1. quita1569 says:

    Who told them that Harry was in Afghanistan? A newspaper? I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t sound right to me. If he was deployed to serve, how did a newspaper company find? out about it? Shouldn’t that have been TOP Secret information that Harry was serving in the war? Printing it in the paper would have “probably but not likely” jeopardized his life and his troops. I seriously doubt that taliban would have just went after him only because he is a prince. So fake!

  2. SuperMrBentley says:

    nah, the royals are a bunch of faggots, except for queen which is? an honourable person

  3. clwgirl510 says:

    No he wasn’t…. You know he could be home and be papered like the rest of the royal family, but no, he’s risking? his life to defend not just the UK, but also the United States and the entire western way of life! Show some RESPECT!

  4. DontGetVaginal says:

    what does that mean??!? Airstrike everything that moves?

  5. LEKA271276 says:

    What a jackass comment. He’s a Prince who could easily be sitting at the Palace twiddling his thumbs but he chooses to be out there putting his life in danger….the fact that its your bloody war and G.B incl other countries are there to support your Presidents fuck up. Id think you’d be a tad bit more greatful so do us? a favor, shut the fuck up as suggested by others and simply say Thankyou.

  6. waterspindle says:

    Stop giving military contracts?? for jobs to? the Taliban and Cheney. Stop giving bankers more money. TERMINATE THE FED-Reserve. Cut budget bloat? for Imperialist war-mongering DEATH MACHINES/NATO. Quit funding spent URANIUM wars. Children here suffer from Uranium THERE. Does anyone in D.C. give a shit? Spent Uranium…can you taste it (metal in your mouth)? Some days I do.
    1 MILLION Iraqi CIVILIANS died because of US OCCUPATION.
    1 MILLION total, since 1776 US soldiers? ?dead in combat – ALL WARS

  7. donhonki1 says:

    Who wants to have a laugh at British justice???

    Check out the “official crown court papers” from the court case that lead
    to me being the 1st ever british poet to be given a “5 year rap & poetry ban”

    (video on my page)

    “Donhonki” “First ever crown court BANNED british rap-poet” (2009-2014)


  8. themrduragss says:

    they must? have carpet bombed the whole area before he got there

  9. Jacksons595 says:

    some of these comments? are not neccesary, both of our countries are amazing

  10. feanor says:

    shut the fuck up, you give? America a bad name you tit.

  11. mrhanjiuk says:

    stfu u fcking? ass

  12. PresenciaUnica says:

    yeah right? that motherfucker was so fucking protected by an entired army! grow some balls like? the americans assholes!

  13. vedranaflips says:

    No need to worn us that this video is upload from mobile phone.It is? clearer then most of other videos.

  14. rje888 says:

    Great job Harry all of Britian is behind? you and our brave troops

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