Prince Harry’s Wild Wedding Afterparty Plans!

May 11, 2012 by Chelsy  
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PopSugarTV: Facebook: Twitter: Prince Harry Gets Sentimental Before His Best Man Speech — Plus His Wild Wedding After-Party Plans! Watch as Prince Harry gets sentimental before his best man speech. Plus, new details on the big day and his wild wedding after-party! I’m Lauren, and this is your PopSugar Rush! “It’s clearly obvious to anyone in this room, family, friends, and all the support as well — just how incredibly inspirational these guys are.” Prince Harry will be delivering William’s best man speech this Friday, but he already has plenty of practice public speaking. Harry attended a news conference for the organization Walking With the Wounded this morning, where he was visibly moved while speaking about the group’s men and women. William’s little brother trekked to the North Pole with the group for four days earlier this month to raise money for injured service men and women. But now that he’s back home, he’s been working hard at his best man responsibilities as he sorts out details for the royal wedding this Friday. Prince Harry is reportedly organizing a huge bash for friends of William and Kate the night of their wedding that’s expected to go into the wee hours. William’s best man and little brother plans to turn three state rooms at Buckingham Palace into a nightclub with cocktails and some of William’s favorite music — Kanye West and Jay Z. [All we can say is, the Queen better hold on to her hat!] – maybe lose this line


17 Responses to “Prince Harry’s Wild Wedding Afterparty Plans!”
  1. BounderandCad says:

    search ‘prince harry? song’ on youtube!

  2. micnur100 says:

    if prince herry to be king and who is his? queen ??

  3. TheBambuj says:

    this family are special made humans? !! :)

  4. lordshenley says:

    I’m gay and I want to? fuck Harry so much

  5. Tokyorosebiz says:

    See what has happened to our Great Country Check? Out THE PARTY OF SLEAZE by TOKYO ROSE

  6. micnur100 says:

    ???? ?????? ????? ??? ?????? ???? ?????? ???? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ????? ????? ?????? ???? ???????? ???? ????? ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ???? ??? ????? ????? ??????! ???? ???? ??????..???

  7. micnur100 says:

    ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ???? ?? herry?? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ? ????? ???? ??? ?????! ??? ??? ??? ..???

  8. micnur100 says:


  9. micnur100 says:

    Prins Willem was getrouwd met de vrouw die hij liefheeft en zal trouwen met de prins herry het even welke vrouw ze houden? van hun gekozen koningin hopelijk zal vrede brengen in de wereld niet alleen de naam van de koningin, maar kon niet de taak te voltooien! wat de wereld zegt ..???

  10. micnur100 says:

    Guillaume avait épousé la femme qu’il aime et va épouser le prince Herry toute femme qu’ils aiment leur reine choisie espérons apporter la paix au monde, non seulement le nom de la reine, mais n’a pas pu terminer la tâche! ce que le? monde dit ..???

  11. sareuhismebis says:

    u made me ROFLMAO ! This is the funniest comment I’ve ever read in my life, and i don’t even know why ?

  12. swebsta says:

    mmmm? harry

  13. TheTania1234 says:

    ah Harry date me? :’( Hes Gawjuzz :’( x

  14. LivingDeadGirl7108 says:

    MOTHER F**KER!!!! Harry has? a girlfriend :”(

  15. bomshizzleful says:

    confidential…lol…just ignore? me alright?

  16. Dekstherr says:

    Really? Show? me some pictures.

  17. bomshizzleful says:

    prince harry wears his underwear with dick=holes in em! ?

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