Royal Wedding: Buckingham Band marches away from Palace

May 27, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Over an hour before the Royal Wedding parties descended in a motorcade towards Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace band made several forays into and away from the roundabout around the Queen Victoria Memorial, helping set a suspensefully positive atmosphere for anxious onlookers and pilgrims. This video was shot by GRN correspondent Henry Nichols.


7 Responses to “Royal Wedding: Buckingham Band marches away from Palace”
  1. hi262779 says:

    ‘Buckingham? Band’, what the fuck are you on about?

  2. kevinmorgan2100 says:

    Exactly? what I said!

  3. sylviekell says:

    I don’t? hear any cornets.

  4. sylviekell says:

    They are? good tunes.

  5. kevinmorgan2100 says:

    For the same reason that American bands (always) play the music of Kenneth Alford! LOL, because they are darn good tunes. Music is international, otherwise Mozart and Beethoven would never get heard outside? their native Germany.

  6. sylviekell says:

    Washington Grays was written? for the New York National Guard unit located in the Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx, New York. Why do British bands always play marches written for American units?

  7. Hjaltland60 says:

    Band of the Scots Guards playing the march “Washington Grays” by Claudio S.? Grafulla!

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