royal wedding policeman tripping up….funny

May 29, 2012 by Chelsy  
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watch the policeman tripping and making a joke of it,all good fun


25 Responses to “royal wedding policeman tripping up….funny”
  1. MultiPinklolly says:

    Haha good on? him!

  2. planetrockford says:

    Kate is? a joy in the bedroom no doubt. She will require many screws to be satisfied.

  3. Anniegeturgun123 says:

    haha? I saw this on Russell Howards good news :) Long live the British Bobby!!

  4. shark93ish says:

    What a? lad!!!

  5. Loosehh says:

    i can see? you lol!

  6. LisaJJMerry says:

    lol i never noticed that til you? said

  7. sfgyugfdja says:

    He’s pissed…?

  8. thecheeseheadify says:

    you can see the? camera man’s reflection in the t.v…..

  9. grooverheliboy says:

    @vGeordieZx If you dont like it then fuck off you will not be missed Hell I will even? pay your fare out of the Country..

  10. Whitespirit0lvn says:

    Personnaly I like having a Royal Family, it’s the one thing? that makes me feel warm for my country when everything else has gone to shit. Other countries that don’t have Royal Families are equally as bad as ours so I don’t think it makes any difference.
    At the end of the day it’s the politicians that fuck everything up

  11. mushitsme says:

    @queeniebee121 gay i presume you mean as in jovial and? happy, his sexuality is none of your buisness, especially if its to be negative about.

  12. MrTimooth says:

    @queeniebee121 lmao, say the guy who calls himself “queeniebee” lol

    The guy was having fun.? What would you have done if you fell over? cried?

  13. MrTimooth says:

    naff? far from it. I would say great success!


  14. ollie272 says:

    the whole wedding? was so fucking naff

  15. grooverheliboy says:

    Dammed of they do and dammed if they dont…..What would have been the reaction if he had shouted at the crowds then.
    They just cannot win can they..FUCK OFF and? leave them alone.

  16. ecotts says:

    LOL dear oh? dear

  17. MrW8oj says:

    haha? excellent

  18. mixn44 says:

    Ian? Tomlinson. RIP.

  19. nylonTS says:

    what? a great sport well donex

  20. mancity1000 says:

    It was refreshing see the police officers having a good? time and wearing the ceremonial uniform instead of those stupid high-visibility jackets

  21. insideoutface says:

    Gotta love? coppers like that.

  22. funkycat06 says:

    we were there.was hilarious?

  23. iajukesy says:

    Hahahahaha what a stupid? twat <3

  24. MitriCoutya says:

    This is a classical “Norman Wisdom” trip. Intentional? not accidental and very funny and cheerful

  25. clintrat1932 says:

    Warming, bet he’s a great Bobby. We need more like you Sir! 10/10 for the force on this especially British? day.

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