Sheena’s Tour of London

May 9, 2012 by Chelsy  
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TheDarynJones. Sheena gives a tour of London, England only about a week before the Royal Wedding. Daryn Jones


25 Responses to “Sheena’s Tour of London”
  1. TheFametrash says:

    Omg? Sheena I effing love you your so FUCKIN FUNNY NOJOKES

  2. tcramone01 says:

    oh? look – a talking whale!

  3. nrdify says:

    Lol more Londoners have Hepatitis? then don’t have Hepatitis.

  4. maggietaylorcummings says:

    she was joking..the whole? purpose of this piece. chill your balls.

  5. blackice705 says:

    She;s crazy?

  6. ronsiris says:

    why don,t we see her eating, and why does,nt jack the ripper come back for one last encore. while i,m typing she said we were 2nd fattest to america, well only while you were visiting, you sent the average way up,? lol

  7. AQbatteler says:

    She’s my idol :D And There’s obviously a caution sign there because if children get to close to her husband he’s beat the crap out of them of? throw them across the street xD

  8. trendy76 says:

    SHEENA WE HERE IN NEWFOUNDLAND WANT YOU TO COME HERE AND GET SCREECHED IN!!!Then you gotta say all this mutha fuckin shit to become an honorary newf.and either kiss a? puffins ass or kiss a cod(your choice),but i guarantee you we are the dirtiest minded people in Canada!!! YEEEAAAHHHHHH!!Woot

  9. haileybreanne says:

    This is possible the best thing i have ever? seen by far!!

  10. xoxkarolina says:

    how do you hate? her? she hilarious!

  11. VixenX4 says:

    Why the fuck wasn’t? Sheena my grade 10 History teacher?!

  12. Noone248 says:

    hahaha? 1:06 is awesome:P:P:P

  13. Vani4life says:

    you got the nice hd cam swag?

  14. bigthingzagwan says:

    0:47 “HOLLAAAA”?

  15. kristenismyhero says:

    i fucking love sheena? <3

  16. StarzzColiideeexD says:

    when sheena told the bird to beat it and the face she made after she said “this? is the third time he’s been to the ice cream truck today,” made me lmao :)

  17. littlegino10 says:

    I hate sheena? she’s not funny at all

  18. littlegino10 says:

    I hate sheena?

  19. superwow2000 says:


  20. princesshooper says:

    The British are? the Americans of Eruope loloololollollololoololoololololololol

  21. FailMatt says:

    Ronnie? Powerbottom is so great

  22. CapChronic says:

    Didn’t laugh but better than the last? video I say.

  23. Ryan1609 says:


  24. yackon4game says:

    I love how she hardly gets? any weird looks when she says the stuff she says.

  25. DancerProductionsx3 says:

    Winston Churchill – 100%? BADASS

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