The Antichrist and the bloodlines of Dan and Judah (video response to migfoxbat)

May 4, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Please watch Migfoxbat’s 5 videos “The AC for your consideration” before watching this video:


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  1. RayAhchTober says:

    OK so up until the end times, Judah will rule, got it. I believe that the tribe Gad will take rulership afterwards and as far as my research on the star, I learned that a 5 pointed star is of? Solomon and a 6 point is that of David.

  2. jaipasdideedenom says:

    “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be” Genesis 49:10. About the star of David, do? your own research, this is the star of remphan.

  3. duckleggs57 says:

    Prince Charles ,does not come from the tribe of Judah,This is what they want people to believe,but that is a lie.The truth is Princess Diana,came from the tribe of Judah.They came out? of the tribe of Dan.That was why ,she was chosen to marry Prince Charles,when in truth he loved Carmalla Parker-Bowles,since childhood,but this could not happen.Diana,was prepped since 6 years old to be Princess.She carried the Holy Grail Bloodline,not Prince Charles.Prince William is the Antichrist,already chosen.

  4. duckleggs57 says:

    The Rothschild,were originally called Bowers,they are not of Jewish descent.As they? profess to be.The Tribe of Dan,were the Vikings,that went to England.

  5. RayAhchTober says:

    Question: What scripture says that “Judah will be kings until? the end of the world.” as your video states at the end. Also, if I may, you stated that the six pointed star is the star of Solomon. I believe that should say DAVID.

  6. BarbarianLion says:

    The Rothschilds are Askenazi (german) jew impostors. They come from the tribe? of dan. Jeremiah 8:15-16 gives the prophecy of dan coming to devour the land and all the inhabitants that are in it. Judges 18, 600 danites took micah’s idol and went to laish and slaughtered the whole city. Jeroboam, who is known as the man that caused Israel to sin set up 2 idols: one in bethel and another in dan.

  7. BarbarianLion says:

    You are right. 1st chronicles 2:55 shows? that the scribes were kenites. They were also the pharisees and sadducees during Christ days one earth. They are the seed of cain and the tribe of dan; the tribe not sealed in revelation 7.

  8. duckleggs57 says:

    the tribe of Dan’s first emblem was? the serpent,then a couple years later changed it to a EAGLE

  9. duckleggs57 says:

    We can thank,the Roman Catholic Church,and King James 1st,for twisting the Bible.they added,they deleted,they actually corrupted the bible we all love to read and hold so? dear. MAY GOD BLESS

  10. duckleggs57 says:

    We can thank,the Roman Catholic Church,and King James 1st,for twisting the Bible.they added,they deleted,they actually corrupted the bible we all love? to read and hold so dear. MAY GOD BLESS

  11. annoyingdude76 says:

    nice? video,good job.What’s the song called?

  12. duckleggs57 says:

    Prince? William was in the Associated Press 2004,he was holding lamb w/ left hoof in hand.Telling the world who he is.The Antichrist.And actually Diana was induced into labor,Prince William was suppose to be born on July 21,not June 21.Nostradomus stated that the antichrist would be born on July 21,as he should have been.

  13. PRAISEIAM says:


  14. johneronice says:

    A deeper study into Noah’s flood will reveal that this flood was localized, and did not cover the ENTIRE earth, as the Hebrew text leaves provision for. Also Noah was instructed? to take 2 of ALL FLESH into the ark along with his family. This would include 2 people from all races to keep their seedlines alive upon the earth. The flood was necessary to preserve Christ’s seedline before the Nephilim (fallen angels) corrupted this line. Christ needed to be of perfect pedigree.

  15. jaipasdideedenom says:

    thank you brother! in fact i’m working on that topic but i’m not done yet. Personnaly i think that they are not related to Cain because all these weaked people died? during the flood. I think that the tribe of Dan is trying now to corrupt it DNA by changing it with a triple helix by adding the one of the fallen angels to be “immortals”.

  16. johneronice says:

    Great video. Now you just need to show the most important part, concerning the bloodlines of these people you have pointed out, and how they trace back to Cain–the Serpent’s Seed. These people are the LITERAL children of the Devil, as Jesus vehemently charged them in John 8:44. Part of their family trees? indeed come from Israelitish (Caucasian) tribes, but they also carry Satan’s DNA within them from their Kenite/Ashkenazi forefathers. God bless

  17. etoiledephese says:

    what a beautiful story… but the conclusion, at least, is wrong. The Word of God says, Yehoshua himself will fight and destroy the antechrist and the beast.

    “Then that lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming;” ( 2 Thessalonians 2:8 )

    Be careful to don’t fall by false prophecies or doctrines real people of? God !

  18. strongtower0914 says:

    interesting? info here

  19. thekatie40 says:

    lol i ment great? vid

  20. thekatie40 says:

    The plott thickons, get vid thank you. Dark day’s? ahead God bless.

  21. soniclady89 says:

    Yes I know the one. ?

    William V … (William 5th)

    You have to look at the W as two seperate V’s –

    then use the 2 i’s and one of the l’s to give you:

    Vl Vi Vi …..

    Vi in Roman numerals = 6 –

    hence 6 6 6 OR -

    I am 666

  22. annieladysmith says:

    Shut? up u stupid little punk, u obviously know nothing, don’t e-mail me again with ur nonsense.

  23. migfoxbat says:

    Are you saying this info is wrong??

  24. jaipasdideedenom says:

    Thank you Ian!?

  25. jaipasdideedenom says:


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