The Royal Wedding Song – Prince William and Kate Middleton

May 19, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Itunes “I’m Present, Lady Diana – The Royal Wedding Song”. Prince William Arthur & Princess Kate Middleton. Composer: Najib HILLI This music is dedicated to all the mothers and pays a particular homage to our moms, living in heaven. At no moments, they left us. Their thoughts & love, link us without end. And will always be present in our hearts. You can download the single on Itunes: Amazon Store: And most online stores !


23 Responses to “The Royal Wedding Song – Prince William and Kate Middleton”
  1. rednecksnookie says:

    this song reminds me? of twilight

  2. linkaholic says:

    It’s almost cruel…it’s like God takes away things that are too good to be true. We all know she would have been an amazing mother-in-law, an amazing grandmother to her future grandchildren,? shower them with love, welcome Kate into the family with open arms. Only our imagination of what she would have been like remains. We will keep Diana alive with our memories and imagination, and something tells me William will surprise us all when he becomes King with respect to his mothers memory <3

  3. lissalives says:

    Oh? wow…(silence; GULP!)

  4. zachBoy1000 says:

    my sis is gonna be that great one? day!!!!! on the violin of course, not singing

  5. 1foodoflove says:

    Have you listened to? ” For a girl who would be a princess ” It’s on Youtube, enjoy.

  6. ilibalqis says:

    Love it! Really Beautiful. I feel so sad that makes me wanna cry everytime i watch this video.. You are soo beautiful and a great mother.. You really a princess.. and you will be always a princess to us.. You are the people’s princess.. Always? in our heart.. ? Diana always ?

    p/s: great job to the team :)

  7. sgmale90 says:

    very beautiful, diana you would have made a great? mother-in law

  8. bellabecka2You says:

    Very sad and yet very? beautiful for the message given and the music that fulfills your heart. Thanks for posting this! :)

  9. merisid says:

    This is so beautiful…. ?

  10. GarFielDGusted says:

    i love this….. very beautiful songs..? touching…

  11. flyabouthereandthere says:


  12. TheRjb2010 says:

    Wow. So very beautiful.
    Diana giving? wedding day advice to William that no one gave to Charles.
    God bless you Princess Diana.
    To William and Kate, all the very best to you.

  13. cRyze1994 says:

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  14. redspringhaymj says:

    What a? great violinist!

  15. piajanine1 says:


  16. PhillyFilly143 says:

    hauntingly beautiful?

  17. gaultierbelgie says:

    so beautiful……………………..?

  18. shinningstarist86 says:

    i was so little when she died but i still want to meet her. I love watching her videos and listening to her? calm voice.

  19. bflpromo says:

    This is beautiful…I really like the song called Real Life Fairy Tale written by Kristine Sebastian… check it out..? it’s really amazing.

  20. AncasterJTMC says:

    HAHAHAHA PC World? at 0:53 ahahahahaha

  21. dawggonecrazee says:

    I`m not a royalist,but I find Diana`s voice so sad to hear……………“to William particularly“.As a mother,I was so saddened when those 2 boys lost Diana.This video has brought it all? flooding back.

  22. royandmickey says:

    Beautiful, Stunning.? Haunting. Thanks for making/sharing it.

  23. ourDC888 says:

    So beautiful, and so touching, thank? you for remembering Princess Diana.

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