The Seven Harrys – Harry Potter 7 Bonus

May 14, 2012 by Chelsy  
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24 Responses to “The Seven Harrys – Harry Potter 7 Bonus”
  1. aSparkleNerd says:

    i ? the twins! love you, james and oliver!?

  2. Jenny33133133 says:

    the 7? harrys, this is the most complicated scene in THE WORLD!…… none of us really noe what is happining! gotta love daniel.

  3. Juliaf99 says:

    That´s the best!? “wow! We´re identical!”

  4. NiamhGawjuss says:

    lol blimey? hermione!

  5. xxALittleBitGleekyxx says:

    THIS just proves? how much of a FANTASTIC actor Daniel is. And so is the rest of the cast

  6. randomnessy12 says:


  7. NYhippie543 says:

    This? scene always cracks me up. one of the few crowning moments of funny in an installment where not even the OWL’s safe.

    “we’re identical! :D ” Pffft

  8. videomagnet06 says:

    Lol thx Dan I guess I’ll follow? your advice and do visual effects

  9. prue6967 says:

    Yates: I know pretty much howit’s gonna be…

    Dan: Nobody has any idea what’s going on!

    I look FANTASTIC in women’s clothing!? LMAO Dan. <3

  10. ausimex24 says:

    Oh, how I love Daniel.

  11. ausimex24 says:

    1:51 “It’s quiet? a sexy walk.” LOL

  12. therealsuzette says:

    hahaha “bras not coming out”? XD

  13. therealsuzette says:

    hes got a sexy walk XDDDD? that was funny

  14. mathtransparent says:

    4:29 He looks like an? owl :D

  15. kacitr001 says:

    Dan with bra ;D Funny? scene =D

  16. IvyVega186 says:

    Oops…..well? this is akward!

  17. cuddlez4ever01 says:

    HAHAHAHA Bill Weasley’s face when? dan had the bra on XD OMG. Priceless

  18. culturevulture123 says:

    “Bill, look away,? I’m hideous”
    tick tick tick
    “Bra’s not coming off!”

  19. lilanimemaniac says:

    That was? Fleur..xD

  20. lilanimemaniac says:

    Dan’s so excited about? playing fleur LOL!

  21. DobbyAwesome says:

    “? Ya know, Rupert walks with quite a sway in his hips, which is quite a sexy walk if that is appropriate to say” hahaha XD i <3 dan

  22. ReydeCP1122 says:

    0:11 mr bean? face :D

  23. IvyVega186 says:

    LOL 3:22 Harry is being Hermione but hes wearing a bra and then he says to? Bill “Bill don’t look. I’m hideous!” XD

  24. arnoldbasaya07 says:

    1:37 and 1:39.. SAME? FACE

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