Time to Party Like You’re 600 Years Old… University of St Andrews Anniversary Launch

May 1, 2012 by Chelsy  
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As the world’s media descends on St Andrews in anticipation of the Royal visit on Friday 25th, students talk to Bubble TV about what it feels like to be part of a University that’s turning 600 years old… A Bubble TV Production. Interview: Alyce Shu, Jessica Snyder, Anna Lisa Stone Camera: Christopher O’Brien, Jessica Snyder, Anna Lisa Stone Editor: Anna Lisa Stone


6 Responses to “Time to Party Like You’re 600 Years Old… University of St Andrews Anniversary Launch”
  1. angusmacfadgen says:

    looks like a great “do” but not as good as the party at Kilmarnock as The Queens? 11 lifted the title.


  2. CVZeller says:

    one of the top universities in the UK and the only adjectives this? selective cohort of students can come up with is “exciting”. brilliant

  3. Ezza6024 says:

    No exageration the guy at 0:09 is one of the best looking men i’ve ever seen.. just? saying. He appears at 0:57 too. Anyone know who he is or what he studies?

  4. Spiden1 says:

    Awesome stuff!
    (from? the pirate on the left at 0:13) :)

  5. Popher says:

    Loving so much of that filmed on friday night, and most of the people I was with (if i remember correctly) in it.? Glad that I wasnt!

  6. swhiteley82 says:

    Bit of an identity crisis?? University of St Andrews not St Andrews University, yes?

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