Ubi Caritas – Choir of Westminster Abbey, The Royal Wedding

May 6, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Music from The Royal Wedding 29/04/11. Composed by Paul Mealor. all rights to the images and/or music are held by their respective owners. No money is being made from this and it is for entertainment only


13 Responses to “Ubi Caritas – Choir of Westminster Abbey, The Royal Wedding”
  1. MsKingston613 says:

    Words can’t describe the feeling I had when the choir started singing this..Was? the perfect song for such a historical wedding.

  2. Littleoldmeluvsu says:

    I was like, nope I’m not watching it, it’s been too hyped I’m not? going to do it!

    then cried listening to this


  3. BlueBird0606 says:

    All those kids that were inside the church and watched them get married, witnessed history being made. everyone who watched the wedding watched history being made. in 100yrs from now people will know that billions of people watch them get married as they did with Princess Diana.


  4. Whirrednerd says:

    We sang parts of this song whilst recieving the Eucharist last Sunday. I love this version, and I love the meaning of this gregorian chant. Beautiful and inspiring.?

  5. chrissafreck1 says:

    i get goosebumps each? time i replay it :3

  6. blackpearlgurl13 says:

    WOW SAME HERE. I? was truthfully weeping! These boys are just beautiful

  7. potchammy says:

    Honestly,? this is why the wedding was on everyone’s minds. It’s not everyday that we hear things like this, see ceremonies like this. The choir was my favorite thing about the wedding

  8. tamatha6 says:

    I can see a bride walking down? the aisle to this!

  9. quantengott says:

    most stunning moment? of whole wedding

  10. DionDavis14 says:


  11. kimeeestar says:

    Should give credit to composer Paul Mealor. The composition is amazing.?

  12. tosomerandom says:

    I love this song, it was? beautifully sung and beautifully written

  13. ChocolateyViolence says:

    This song made? me cry :’( It was just so beautifully sung, and the harmonics are wonderful

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