William Hanson teaches Russell Howard Royal Protocol on BBC3′s Good News

May 7, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Etiquette expert William Hanson is the mystery guest from series 4, episode 6 and teaches comedian Russell Howard some Royal Protocol in the run up to the Royal Wedding. Follow William on Twitter – @williamhanson


25 Responses to “William Hanson teaches Russell Howard Royal Protocol on BBC3′s Good News”
  1. niamhbell10 says:

    Russell’s laugh at the end:) one? of the funniest in my opinion! X

  2. BookLover58 says:

    One of the? best mystery guests, in my opinion :)

  3. Dionne060695 says:

    One of the best episodes i’ve? seen :D !! GO RUSSELL!

  4. MegaSpade10 says:

    you can tell the guy is getting? pissed off lol

  5. yellowpotondesk says:

    5:34 youve gotta love Russel’s? laugh

  6. ash97ify says:

    we? can make it through tonight(8) trolololol XD

  7. CookingWithLiccy says:

    Slam? it!.. cheers babe ;)

  8. borisl2 says:

    alice cooper? schools out

  9. MsHiiloveu says:

    For some reason,? I can really see them being mates…….

  10. feephiweephi says:

    LOL he? came to my school!

    ‘Thats one for the dinner parties!’

  11. rachelisinsane says:

    3:07 eeuugh!! get? the wetwipes, its a chav!!

  12. tabychops says:

    russells laugh XD?

  13. bubblepopeletric411 says:

    what’s the song at the very beginning??

  14. kitaarmes says:

    Has anyone ever? complained about that?
    I’ve been waved at ferociously…
    thats wanking

  15. hannahmonlaza says:

    now, that was a little bit ferocious.
    I love this mystery? guest episode. :L Russell is a genius :)

  16. musicalgenius1234 says:

    SLAM? IT!

  17. familyguy1231 says:

    whats? the song at the start in the title sequence?

  18. MrWeealex says:

    think about what? governs their lives

  19. brookeywa says:

    can i have a? horse ? phaaa x

  20. ameliaarose95 says:

    he’s 31? :)

  21. MadamYoruichi10 says:

    you need to look them in? the eye
    I CANT DO THAT!!!!!

  22. Holzx44 says:

    ‘how can you eat so many crisps?’ ‘i’ve never seen so much monster munch in my life’? lmao LOVE Russell x

  23. mrsdannyjones1000 says:

    I love? this so much :’)

  24. Highrule1032 says:

    ahhh he cant look straight he has a lazy eye! lol ahh :D

  25. theBRAVEreepicheep says:

    The look on his face when russell? told him his brother offered Princess Beatrice vasaline…priceless :’)

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