William & Kate Movie Part .6

May 15, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Imm awfully sorry that this took a millenium to put on youtube,! but here is PART 6 ;) XD i got a new computer so the quality looks weird on this 1 but.we its alrite


25 Responses to “William & Kate Movie Part .6”
  1. gingermuppettt says:

    link? please???

  2. camile621999 says:

    Please send me? the link !?!?!

  3. SuperMocha16 says:

    please? link

  4. xdistantl0ve says:

    pat 7 and tghe other parts please? inbox me them? i REALLY need? to see it.

  5. Divinalavinia says:

    Jogar? boliche e vc sabe que eu o que?????

  6. Divinalavinia says:

    voce e´o ? GunsNRoses cantor???????????Obrigada pelo vidio que me mandou…

  7. GunsNRoses1011 says:

    eu acho que William? é mais bonito

  8. GunsNRoses1011 says:

    if i have time, if? not ill pm you the link

  9. GunsNRoses1011 says:

    haha soon . Or? maybe i can send you the linkk

  10. MajorityRules123 says:


  11. Divinalavinia says:

    Eu quero jogar baralho com ele. Truco ,burro? ou canastra. @GunsNRoses1011

  12. Divinalavinia says:

    Harry e´ o mais quente e e´solteiro e ainda podemos sonhar com ele ,eu e todas que veem o vidio;sonhar nÂo paga nada? nÂo.@GunsNRoses1011

  13. milothefunnycat says:

    can? you do part 7 and all the rest please its awesome

  14. GunsNRoses1011 says:

    Jogar o quê?? Eu não acho que eu sei que você

  15. Divinalavinia says:

    vou falar sério com voce tambem ? eu já joguei uma partida com voce no meu orkut -siga seu cantor preferido e eu perdi e voce ganhou,pois não sabia jogar.@GunsNRoses1011

  16. lovelygoldensparrow says:

    Hello,I’ve been checking back to see if you have the rest of? it up.
    I hope soon. I really like this movie :-)

  17. BellaTheClumsyCullen says:

    What site did you get this? off??

  18. BellaTheClumsyCullen says:

    Part 7?????? Please????????? :P

  19. TheHelloanna says:

    Uhmmm where’s the next?!?

  20. fabugirl123 says:

    I was just wondering… where did you? find this movie?

  21. mayphies says:

    Where is Part 7 ….please thank? you….

  22. hannahbanana085 says:

    Wheres the rest… can’t? see a part 7??

  23. bieberfevergirlism says:

    he played as one of the african dancers he is 22 lol that was so funny they made him look old lol ?

  24. GunsNRoses1011 says:

    Really???? who did he play

  25. bieberfevergirlism says:

    im serious ok u know the micheal jackson hater? from tmz thats my brother im serious i know his number and everything and he played in this movie’

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