Cherry: A look back at Chelsy & Harry’s 5 year romance

June 4, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Music: You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb, by Spoon and Stay or Leave, by Dave Matthews


13 Responses to “Cherry: A look back at Chelsy & Harry’s 5 year romance”
  1. AwwFiddleStix says:

    there? are a couple of different versions of when they started dating. i went with Argentina. ^_^

  2. pineapple1969 says:

    They obviously have a connection. I would love to see Chelsy in the Royal family.?

  3. AwwFiddleStix says:

    according to reports they are a couple again. ^_^

    they’ve been see together on a few occasions since October….most recently that they had Valentines dinner at Julie’s Restaurant in London? (no photos though).

  4. heidy1988 says:

    they are together again?? yes or no¬°? Valentine’s Day? dinner??????????????

  5. elijahendtre says:

    very well done on the? composition of the video. i haven’t seen half of these photographs before until now..:)

  6. normalil says:

    We only know about her from photographs and press coverage. She is very beautiful. To me,she seems like a spoiled party girl, much like? Harry’s mother. I don’t really know what to think, but I prefer her to William’s Kate, (or Katherine, as she insists on being called.)

  7. tulcyk says:

    im fan of Chelsy!! she isnt? perfect but is quite enough for him … :)

  8. snakelared says:

    It’s like you want to be jealous of her because she’s beautiful, driven, comes from a rich background and seems to have everything going for her. It’s like she is that stereotypical blond snob from the movies. ? The girl who has it all and treats others like they are beneath her. But these pictures of her interacting with everyone around her in a nice and friendly way say otherwise. I would love to hate on her but I just can’t!!!!

  9. pineapple1969 says:

    I hope he marries? her. She seems like a good girl… educated, has a job in a law firm even though her family is wealthy, stays out of trouble, and certainly has direction unlike Kate Middleton.

  10. tulcyk says:

    only God knows about it ;) ?

  11. lightbulbly says:

    i like her coat at 4:26?

  12. JuneNightingale says:

    I adore this video.You did a marvelous job. Team Chelsy all the way!? I think they are trying to stay low key and are back together.

  13. mymyn34 says:

    I love very much your video great job!+5 star; i like harry and chelsy i? think they form a pretty couple.(sorry for mistake i am french)

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