CuteWinFail: Royal Guard FAIL

June 5, 2012 by Chelsy  
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A bunch of tourists laugh-it-up as a British Royal Guard hits the ground hard . See it. For more CuteWinFail clips subscribe here Attention!:


24 Responses to “CuteWinFail: Royal Guard FAIL”
  1. neo4025 says:

    Smelly Americans! Actually, smelly “simpleNewYorker” dick?

  2. SimpleNewYorker says:

    Smelly? british !

  3. lRustyKatana says:

    All the training? and the drill just to fuck up on the easy part

  4. somethingmemorable1 says:

    The have metal in the bottom so you can hear the steps they take more clearly. Makes them? more slippery though. He didn’t drop the rifle though that’s the important thing.

  5. GreenArmySoulja says:

    Lol ye walk much. Great job? soldier< england finnest

  6. MisterBeaucoup says:

    I’ve seen several videos of royal guards taking a tumble. Do they not? have grips on their shoes?

  7. JackGamer193 says:

    This right here is the sign of a fantastic soldier. He polished his boots? so much they have become dangerous to wear, haha, well done to him very professional and didn’t make a fuss about it.

  8. SuperFire555 says:

    This is Tobuscus’s CuteWinFail channel. Your a fucking idiot. ?

  9. jsf926 says:

    So a guard falls on his? fanny. I mean bum. Apparently Giggles and Bubbles find it? amusing.

  10. xXAlmostEvilXx says:

    your not tobuscus gtfo?

  11. martinsmith01 says:

    people with respect for military service would care, and anyone over the age of 6, who knows how to? count from 1 to 10 without pausing can understand.

  12. themozamoz says:

    does anyone know that? those boots have metal studded soles their called ammo boots there is no rubber what so ever on those boots and thats why he sliped

  13. sireofdarkness says:

    very true… but who would care and even understand what? you said? :(

  14. mexicangamer4 says:

    tobyturners videos?

  15. Y2KillerSPOOBLY says:

    Average Coldstream Guard stag is for? two hours or so, easily longer. The platoon sergeant marches with you to the post to watch the changing of the guard and always tells you ‘No smiling, no talking, no sitting, no sleeping. You will be relieved at x hours, to your duties’, and then its two hours or so of marching back and forth across a 20 meter stretch. Your legs will become jelly during your first post, this shit happens all the time its just lucky to be caught on camera.

  16. NeoVioletsMeowInc says:

    I’d call that a win as? he stood back up like nothing happened.

  17. IRememberTheOldDays says:

    so he fell over… Does it even require? comment?

  18. motorhead29 says:

    When you think about it, its not suprising that he slips there has most likely been a guard walking on that line? 24 hours a day for the last 175 years. that much wear would make concrete like an ice rink

  19. milchprodukt says:

    never care guns? with you walking on slippery ground

  20. badjoshua1234 says:

    oh poor guard probs lost his job for it to bad they all look? the same XD

  21. ninawth says:

    That laughing lady is really wicked. Poor thing… I’d be so embarrassed, if I? were him.

  22. berserker276 says:

    How? random.

  23. POPOPOWER5 says:

    What? dicks.

  24. 88hoopy says:

    I was thinking? FUS DO RAH lol anyone alse?

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