Daniel Radcliffe on the FINAL Harry Potter movies – Deathly Hallows & Half-Blood Prince

June 9, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Harry Potter himself talks to Paul Byrne for www.Movies.ie for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Daniel talks about filming the final Potter movies The Deathly Hallows – parts 1 and 2 For more Potter videos visit http


25 Responses to “Daniel Radcliffe on the FINAL Harry Potter movies – Deathly Hallows & Half-Blood Prince”
  1. Purlpecaramel3347 says:

    i Love? his voice!

  2. skittleysweet says:

    his right eye? blinks faster than his left o_O

  3. Sophie Erasmus says:

    interviewer:? *asks question*
    dan: *blink blink blinky blink blink*

  4. AlasseaRiddle says:

    I hate when people mention his? chest hair. He wants it there, leave him alone. He doesn’t have to do what people want him to >:(

  5. NerysTudor says:

    The theme park in florida ia absolutly fab, daniel you are gogeous young man , an English? young man- now uou have moved on to other shows and movies i wish you well , no one especialy these children on here can ever say how fantasic you were in the harry potter seris, all of you Emma and Rupert,it was a whole childhood treat for my son and our family, Now love , move on with your carreer, have loads of fun and girlfriends, you will live as harry in my heart and many childrens hearts foever, i h

  6. nadjib149 says:

    he seems like? he needs drugs or something O_o…or is it just me

  7. chillfireball says:

    is it me or did? he use the ”hormone” question in all the interviews with the cast .

  8. AshleyZize says:

    oh my gosh!? the interviewer always starts out with the raging hormones!

  9. ichuckpieatcars says:

    Yeah, a female.. With extremely thick eyebrows. Is this your way of coming out of the? closet?

  10. madman2u says:

    Is it me or doesn’t he look bit like a female with fake? beard? lol

  11. hpforeverfan says:

    Oh Dan i love u? <3!

  12. naruwatcher says:

    he’s had? that ‘lazy one eye’ thing since he was eleven, you can see it in the first HP movie too.

  13. narasemanga says:

    Well.. he can remove it, but he is a? man… isn’t he? :D

  14. MissHalliwell24 says:

    I cant be more in? love with Daniel <3

  15. Skrillexbabe001 says:

    Let me hit some of? wat u got Daniel

  16. emelting says:

    0:10 ,? epic

  17. hereverydayadventure says:

    he blinks his eyes at different times and it’s very distracting?

  18. whyneedacoolname says:

    how would u ppl feel wearing a makeup scar everyday which would probably lead to a rash on the forhead and? the glasses would really screw up his vission ITS JUST ACTING HELLO!

  19. Effekt47 says:

    Looks like his? High as Fk

  20. Rob545W says:

    Where’s the? scar? :S

  21. AlfonsFlygare says:

    Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I looooooooooooooooooooove heeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmm?

  22. KemestA7X says:

    maybe hes just? nervous on interviews…

  23. Masamuned says:

    also symptoms of nervousness? :o

  24. ha09365 says:

    definitely? not weed. Talks way too much for a person on weed

  25. Mrules123 says:

    is? dan going for the first year draco malfoy hair look?

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