Ellen’s Royal Headpiece

June 7, 2012 by Chelsy  
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One of Ellen’s viewers sent in a special headpiece for Ellen to wear if she goes to the Royal Wedding, but fortunately, Ellen has already planned for the big day and shared her hilarious fashion choice.


24 Responses to “Ellen’s Royal Headpiece”
  1. SillySophiaa says:

    I was literally just about to type that. ?

  2. sprinkels55 says:

    she looks like? marie antoniette! lol

  3. MsFiep says:

    1:35 “mind da gap” that’s a portuguese rap crew or? something.

  4. UmiNagasaki says:

    Hahah she? looks with this wig like Miss Otti.

  5. ilyaiaiwymm says:

    Yeah, they? are 15th cousins.

  6. 1999aby says:

    can i have? those hats plesease?!?!?!?!?

  7. TheBRay02 says:

    her cousin is really? kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Simon Carlsson says:

    I’m a 16 year old guy and i’ve made som covers. I just uploaded a? cover of? What makes you beautiful by One Direction.? Please check it out,? That would be awesome :)
    Have a nice day! :)

  9. Leopard1031 says:

    OH HAIR NO!?

  10. coasterjoel says:

    Lady Gaga has GOT to? stop doing Ellen’s hair!!! LOL

  11. hurricaneioke says:

    is she? really kate’s relatives?

  12. FruitLooperLove says:

    I am from England and we do not? talk like that ! Haha

  13. marhabajan says:

    Tony call her koko moko koko hahahha jk

  14. immakookiemonstahh15 says:

    wooow…… blonde? snooki!!!!!

  15. Kareesha1000 says:

    i love the hair but only if it was? a down-doo

  16. sandratsweetxx says:

    o ellen? u make me laugh soo so hard thats y i luv u :*

  17. silvermooni says:

    1:15 OH? HAIR NO!!! XD

  18. KumaNisaFu says:

    The? Coco show

  19. peaches124437 says:

    pip pip? chereo mind the gap?! XD

  20. JAPgally4340 says:

    oh ok? thx

  21. LadyMarieLouise1 says:

    yeah like 12 times removed. she talked about it in one of her shows.?

  22. Rosiee80 says:

    Lol shut the fuck up, why are you? watching? why are you hating? you have no reason to, so just shut up/

  23. suhrina says:

    @kor747 are you? stupid? And if you think she’s not funny whyd you watch this?

  24. suhrina says:

    @kor747? are you stupid?

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